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Metabolic Renewal Quiz – Destroy Stubborn Fat Fast

The Metabolic Renewal Quiz is a quick method to help determine how your metabolism and hormones are currently operating. The outcome will classify your hormone type and is used in the metabolic roadmap to help customize your weight loss plan for Dr. Jade Teta's Metabolic Renewal program.

What is the Metabolic Renewal Quiz?

The quiz takes several factors into consideration, such as age, menstrual cycle, living environment, and life stages, to help create a plan that works best for you.

The quiz is one of three steps the Metabolic Renewal program takes to build a personalized weight loss program based on your current classification of 1 of 7 hormone types. 

It’s part of the Metabolic Renewal program by Dr. Jade Teta and can only be taken as part of his home workout and weight loss program. You can read my full Metabolic Renewal review here or jump over to the official program website by clicking below to take the Metabolic Renewal Quiz quiz.

Time For The Quiz

If you don’t have time to read through the review just take the quiz. It’s pretty quick. Don’t overlook the information on the results page afterward. Take Quiz HERE

Take The Metabolic Renewal Quiz

It's Quick, It's Easy, It's Free

What Are The 7 Metabolic Hormone Types And Why Are They Important?

The hormone types are based on estimating your body’s current state of estrogen and progesterone balance. Knowing your hormone type is the key ingredient and roadmap to maximizing your weight loss potential.

Hormone TypeHormone Metabolism DescriptionMetabolic Renewal Roadmap 
1Mixed SignalBalanced Progesterone & Estrogen 
2Hormone OverloadEstrogen Dominant
3Hormone ShortfallProgesterone Deficient
4Ovarian BurnoutProgesterone & Estrogen Deficiency 
5Metabolic SputterHigh Estrogen and or fluctuating with a progesterone deficiency
6Ovarian Fatigue(Menopause) Progesterone & Estrogen deficient
7Ovarian Shutdown(Post-Menopause) Estrogen & Progesterone Deficient

What is the Metabolic Roadmap?

The roadmap identified by your hormone type is the plan you would follow when starting the Metabolic Renewal program.

The program does not take a one size fits all approach and assists you with where to start based on your answers to the quiz.

Your roadmap will change as you progress and bring things into balance. Remember that this is a starting point to get you on the right path.

How do you take the Metabolic Renewal Hormone Quiz?

The steps are pretty straightforward, and answering the questions takes only a few minutes. 

After completing the Metabolic Renewal quiz, you will visit the official Metabolic Renewal website, where you will learn how the results can help determine what you need to do to boost your metabolism and loss weight.

To get started on your metabolic roadmap, follow these steps:

  1. Answer the questions in the Hormone Type quiz.
  2. Check your hormone type.
  3. Follow the exercise, nutrition plan, and lifestyle changes suggested in the program.

The Metabolic Renewal Quiz:

Taking the quiz is uncomplicated and asks only three questions taking about 2 minutes to complete. The questions ask:

  1. In what age range are you?
  2. What best describes your period / menstrual cycle?
  3. What best describes your history?

Take The Metabolic Renewal Quiz

It's Quick, It's Easy, It's Free

There are multiple answers to each question that, when selected, will classify you into one of 7 metabolic renewal hormone type categories.

This outcome is only used to determine how your metabolic renewal plan will be structured regarding meals, movement, mindset, and metabolism.

Here is an example of the Metabolic Renewal quiz I took. The answers are random selections I made and don’t pertain to anyone. My intent here is to just give you an idea of questions to expect and to see how answers classify a hormone type and roadmap for boosting your metabolism.

Sample Metabolic Renewal Quiz Questions

The quiz takes about one minute to complete and asks questions about your menstrual cycle, eating habits, exercise, and age.

After the questions have been answered, you are presented with a Hormone Type result, and the Metabolic Renewal team will send you a customized plan for weight loss and managing hormones.

If you don't want to get anything through email, that's easy enough to get around. There is an option to watch a video right away. See the section Sample Quiz Results below.

Sample Quiz Results

If you don't want email and prefer to watch a video instead. Just click away (off of) the image where you are asked for an email. An option stating “Wait” will pop up, and you can continue to watch the video.

It's available for 24 hours. I like this option myself because I don't care much for digging through email and usually like to see things right away (I'm a bit impatient when it comes to that)

metabolic renewal quiz results
No time to wait for an email? Just go this route to get your plan right away.

Where do you take the quiz?

After picking up a copy, this can only be done at the program’s official site. You can visit the site here, but it’s worth your time to read through my Metabolic Renewal review first before diving straight into the program. Click here for my full review.

Time for the Quiz

If you don’t have time to read through the review, just take the quiz. It’s pretty quick. Don’t overlook the information on the results page afterward. The results will give you are starting point for losing weight.

Take Metabolic Renewal Quiz by clicking the button below and get your body back fast.

Take The Metabolic Renewal Quiz

It's Quick, It's Easy, It's Free

Wishing you the best of luck to you! Stop back by and let us know how things are progressing.

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