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2020 Metabolic Renewal Review – Perfect Weight Loss For Women?

The Metabolic Renewal workout is a clever new diet and fitness program that is based on women’s hormonal rhythms.  This means that it will be particularly beneficial to women who have ever suffered with weight gain, stubborn fat around the belly, mood swings, trouble sleeping, fatigue, constant hunger or intense cravings.

My Metabolic Renewal review goes into all the features and benefits to save you time from hopping around the web. Learn how you can benefit from this workout program with regard to long-term weight loss.

This program will have you feeling, fit, energetic and hormonally balanced in a way you have never felt before! I know that you will find this to be one of the most comprehensive Metabolic Renewal reviews out there. So let’s jump right in!

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Metabolic Renewal Review – Nothing Held Back

This 12-week program was designed by Dr Jade Teta using all the research and information he gathered on women’s hormones and how it affects their bodies and fitness levels.  He discovered that studies on health and fitness were primarily focused on men’s bodies only!

The complexities of women’s bodies and the ways they change during the month were never considered by experts and scientists.  This is probably the reason that most women complain that working out doesn’t work for them!

This unique new program is created to work with women’s changing hormones, not against it – like most other diets or fitness regimes do.

Having gone through this program, I would say it is brilliantly effective! There is so much information, direction and support provided that, if you correctly follow, you just can’t go wrong.

This program gets 4 out of 5 stars from me. While It’s not perfect, it’s very good and it’s effective. Without further ado, let’s dive into my Metabolic Renewal review.

Workout Series Overview – Shaping Your Body in Phases

Metabolic Renewal works because of the amount of scientific research that went into creating the program.  Dr. Teta has a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a Doctorate in naturopathic medicine.

He is an integrative physician and personal trainer. His work has been featured in renowned publications such as; The Huffington Post, Womens Health, Oxygen and Time magazine.

The majority of his clients are women, as a result he is an expert in the uniqueness of the female metabolism, with its hormonal strengths and weaknesses. With over 25 years of experience, he has developed his specialty of medicine focusing on the health, fitness and weight loss of women.

Dr Teta has designed this program using his clinically-proven “4 M Framework”; Mindset, Movement, Meals and Metabolics. Following this framework will optimize the female metabolism.

Member’s Area At-a-Glance

Before we get too much further into the program details, I thought I would make a quick mention about the member’s area. I have yet to read another Metabolic Renewal review that covers this topic. The member’s area is fantastic and puts everything at your finger tips.

Everything is super easy to navigate and takes you from beginning to end. There is no learning curve here. Simply follow the steps laid out in front of you and go for it.

It’s full of all your videos and downloadable workbooks. You can also chat with customer support from inside – pretty cool and convenient.

metabolic renewal member's area

The 4 MS Framework

It’s clear that the Mindset of women was considered in creating the exercises in this plan.  A women’s mindset will determine the amount of stress she experiences and the affect that it has on the way her body’s hormones react to food and exercise.

Studies have proven that high levels of stress cause us to gain and store more fat, especially around our stomach and mid-section. So this program has been designed to not only combat this, but change the way our hormones are produced to enhance the fat burning abilities we do have.

The amount of movement we make during a typical day will also determine the condition of our metabolism. Non-Exercise Associated Thermogenesis (NEAT) is an often-ignored, but crucial part of the female fat-burning metabolism.

All the movement we do during our day, like standing up and sitting down, moving around a room, picking things up, digesting your food and even breathing are non-exercise activities that effects the metabolism.

Correctly utilizing NEAT will even blunt the effects of the fat-making hormone insulin, meaning that you will no longer store fat so easily.  The Metabolic Renewal Program will give you simple tools and activities that will keep your NEAT working all day.

The third M is for Meals.  Metabolic Renewal takes a hormone first approach to managing the meals that are recommended as part of this lifestyle.  It teaches you how to discover the foods your body needs, at the right times as this makes a huge impact on how efficiently your metabolism responds to the changes.

It also teaches that eating with this method helps your metabolism stay in fat-burning mode and prevents your body from switching back to fat storing. The program comes with delicious recipes and detailed shopping lists as a guide to help you learn how to create a diet that is specific to your tastes and requirements.

The last M that Dr. Jade Teta identifies is Metabolic or exercise.  Although this is important, Dr. Teta has placed this element last in importance.  Which is why the workouts in this program is only 15 minutes long, 3 times a week.

These studies have proven that in combination of the first 3 Ms, women will only need to do high intensity workouts for around 15 minutes in order to gain the benefits of an improved metabolism and fitter figure.  Metabolic Renewal is correct in stating that it teaches us to “work out smarter, not harder!”

The 4 Phase Format – 4 steps to a Slim Body

The purchase of this program includes a quiz that  you can use to identify your hormonal type.  This is a great place to start as it enables the plan to be customized to perfectly suit your personal system.

Divided into 4 phases, the Metabolic Renewal program will change the way your metabolism responds. It resets the way your body burns fat, brings your hormones and metabolism in sync. Finally, it trains your body to use your metabolism to stimulate the growth hormones that quickly burns fat and develops muscle.

Each phase is for 3 weeks. It includes 3 fifteen minutes workout videos plus a modification video that you can use to make the workouts harder or easier.  This is a really thoughtful feature and adds to the programs ability to cater to a wide range of women’s needs at any stage of a women’s life, whether you have recently had a baby or going through menopause.

Dr. Jade Teta has created a meal planner that accompanies the program. The meal plan is designed to ensure we see the benefits of the workouts and teaches us how to create the lifestyle that will maintain the results.

Phase 1  – Harmonize

metabolic renewal phase 1 workouts

Once this stage is successfully completed you will have; restored your hormones, awakened your metabolism and boosted your fitness level.

The aim of the first phase of this program is to bring our hormonal system into balance and harmony. By working on areas of the brain that govern our metabolism, we are able to adapt the command and control center of our metabolism that decides how our bodies react to both stress and food.

We learn the importance of the two Bs and two Hs; Breathless, Burning, Heavy and Heat which are the indicators that we are achieving the requirements necessary to make sure we are beginning to go through the changes in our systems.

The exercise and movement patterns in phase 1 are designed to challenge your body in ways other types of exercise might not. This stage also prepares your body for the increased intensity of the workouts in phases 2,3 and 4.

The workouts are divided into 3 different 15-minute videos, to be completed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  There is an additional Burn out video which is recommended to be done after the first video.

This is another thoughtful feature of the program.  This add-on means that you can avoid the plateau that many people experience when they first start losing weight and it will still be beneficial to you as your strength and stamina increases.

Phase 2 – Inspire

metabolic renewal phase 2 workouts

Here we do exercises that turn on our metabolism’s ability to burn fat for energy.  Most women’s bodies have learned to use sugar as energy.  This is the reasons we gain weight easily and hold onto fat for longer.

It is also reason why some of us suffer with cravings and insatiable hunger!   This stage aims to change that. Once completed, Dr. Teta explains that you will experience, increased energy, improved mood and enhanced fat-burning capabilities.

The workouts in phase 2 do increase in intensity but it continues to offer modifications with the options of using weights, a resistance band or, if you prefer, no equipment at all.

Phase 3 – Enhance

metabolic renewal phase 3 workouts

By this stage our bodies have systematically upgraded our metabolism.  We are now able to produce a good stress hormone that enhances our fat burning capabilities. Here we will experience enhanced fat loss, sharper brain function and an unexpected benefit -improved libido!

The workouts in phase 3 contain exercises that are more intense.  These videos will leave you feeling breathless, which is exactly what we need to ensure that we are gaining all the benefits the methods provide.

Phase 4 – Symphony

metabolic renewal phase 4 workouts

The final 3 weeks of this program focuses on bringing together all the elements developed from the previous phases.   As a result of the change in our diet and activity our metabolisms are now working completely differently from how it was before this program was started.

Not only are we easily and naturally burning fat, our bodies are reinvigorated, our skin is brighter, and we are generally feeling healthier.  These are undeniable effects of regular exercise and a balanced diet. In addition to all this, we will also notice that our hormones are better balanced.

Women will find that they are no longer suffering the symptoms of a hormonal system that is out of sync.

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The Workouts

The workouts that Dr. Jade Teta has put together are designed to completely change the way the female body behaves on the inside and enhance the way our bodies look on the outside.

I feel the exercises do a wonderful job of this.  It is clear the program is working when you struggle to get through the first workout in week one and at the end of week 12 are able to competently complete them.

The workouts are much more customizable than any other regime I have seen before.  You are able to adapt them by choosing to do the Burn video at the end of your workout on the days you feel you might have more energy.

Within the workouts you can choose to do the modified movements by using free weights or a resistance band.  The program provides an additional video to help ensure that the modifications are done correctly in order to still see the benefits of them.

This means that this program is good for women at any stages or ages.  No matter your current fitness level you needn’t be intimated or worry whether you will be able to do the exercises –it really is for every woman!

Many people would be surprised to learn that working out for 15 minutes, 3 days a week can have such an impact on your fitness and weight loss.  This is a huge bonus for women who are short on time or simply have no desire to exercise for an hour every session.

Each of the 15-minute workouts follow a specific sequence of 45-second high intensity exercises that combine cardio, resistance and fitness training.  This teaches your metabolism to burn the most amount fat in the least amount of time.

Along with the 5-minute recommended Burn video, it’s also advised to make sure you cool down and stretch after each workout to avoid injury or too much stiffness.  On the rest days –Tuesday, Thursday and the weekends, the program advices you to walk for at least 60 minutes.

These 1-hour walks will supplement the other workouts. Studies have shown that walking is beneficial for not only fitness but for emotional well-being, so it’s perfect that this has been incorporated into this regime. Walking can have a great effect on weight loss so don’t over look the simplicity here.

You also get to choose whether you would prefer a physical copy of the program which comes with the videos on 4 separate DVDs, or you could choose to get the digital version where you will get instant access the videos from the members area on the Metabolic Renewal website.

Metabolic Renewal Bonuses and Content 

There are a-number-of bonuses available when you subscribe to the program.

The Metabolic Renewal Roadmap

metabolic renewal roadmap book

This is a downloadable book Dr. Jade Teta has written to accompany and outline the program.  It allows you to identify your hormonal type. The Roadmap is written in a way that is easy to digest and implement.

Just review each section of the 4M framework and follow the step-by-step customization provided for your hormone type.

The book also explains everything will need you need to understand regarding the concepts and methods in the program. The book explains the science behind the Metabolic Renewal, it includes chapters on the laws of metabolism, frequently asked questions, and a whole lot more. It is also conveniently available as an audiobook!

The Hormonal Type Quiz

hormone type quiz

This online tool was created to enable you to identify all the various factors in your life that will determine your hormonal type. 

Entering information on the stage, cycle and environment of your life will be used to develop an accurate picture of how your hormones and metabolism are currently operating.

Note that the hormone type results are not meant to peg you as “this or that”. It’s just a baseline and sets where you will start off in the program.

The Hormonal Guide

hormone type

This guide explains each of the seven hormone types and gives you tips for how to utilize Dr. Jade’s 4M framework depending on your hormonal type.  Using this guide is important to allow you to fully personalize the program based on your hormone type.


The 12 Week Metabolic Meals Plan

12 week metabolic meal plan

We all know that you cannot out-train a bad diet!

Therefore, it is important that the food we eat during these 12 weeks is optimal for your hormonal system so that it works with your metabolism instead of against it. This meal plan provides the specific guidelines on what and how to eat for maximum weight loss.

The meals are created to be nutritious and tasty, providing the ideal fuel for your body. The meal plans are easy to understand and follow. You will just need to select the right nutrition plan and then fine-tune the diet to your personal needs. You’ll also get good tips and tricks to make the diet pleasant for you.

The Transformation Tracker

female transformation tracker - metabolic renewal

This is a downloadable booklet that provides you with a place to track and record the changes you experience as you go through the program. The booklet tracks your sleep, hunger, mood, energy and cravings. 

This is an important way to help to keep you motivated as you will be able to clearly identify your progress. An additional feature of the Transformation Tracker is the downloadable spread sheet.

You can use this to track your changes electronically. It has been pre-programed with all the formulas already entered to make tracking your progress fast and easy!

The Metabolic Renewal Quick Start Guide

metabolic renewal quick start guide

This guide was designed to not only serve as a quick introduction and gives instructions on how to use the program, it can also be used to refer back to parts of the Roadmap Book as reminders.

Follow this first to get a jumpstart into the workouts.

The 5-Step Female Flat Belly Formula

metabolic renewal - flat belly formula book

In this booklet, Dr. Jade helps us to understand how our body works so we can keep off the lost weight.

He explains why some fat can be stubborn and how our hormones affect it.  It also shares with us the number one key factor in how to fight it!


Access To The Private Facebook Group

metabolic renewal private facebook group

The last element in this long list of bonuses offered from this Metabolic Renewal program is the option for members to join the private “Metabolic Renewal Facebook Group”.

This is a private place to connect with other women who are using the program.

Studies prove that having others to share your regime makes exercise easier to stick with.  This group will provide you with additional social support should you need it.

Metabolic Renewal PROS and CONS:

The benefits of this program are vast and extend beyond just getting fitter and feeling happier, but I will try to keep the pros concise!


  1. The uniqueness of the program: The fact that this product is designed to work with women’s hormones to achieve improved fitness is something that has not been done before. So it is more likely to work for women whom have not had any other kind of regime work for them in the past.
  2. Qualifications and Fame of the creator: Dr Jade Teta is qualified and has 25 years of experience working with women in this field. The fact that some of the world’s most successful and popular publishers have featured him and his methods in their magazines.  This means we can trust that he knows what he is talking about and is not a quack!
  3. The customizable aspect of the workouts: The potential of this program to be personalized and customized means that it can be used by women at any age or stage in their life. The workouts can be adapted to be beneficial whether you are very fit or only just starting out.  Also, it can be used for a long time because of the options to modify the moves to increase intensity as you become stronger.
  4. Great customer support: Metabolic Renewal offers great continual support to their customers, once you become a member you become part of an active community of fitness seekers and fitness experts who can offer advice, support and encouragement if ever you need it.
  5. Guarantee: This purchase comes with a 90 day guarantee.  If you are not happy with it after 3 months, you can contact the company for a refund.


  1. Not for use if you are pregnant: Although this program is for every kind of woman at every stage of life, sadly this excludes pregnant women.  However, it is the ideal regime to begin as soon as your doctor clears you for exercise once you’ve given birth!

Final Thoughts

Thanks for taking the time to read through my Metabolic Renewal review. Program is a health and fitness regime that has a very high chance of success for any woman that correctly uses it.  There is so much information to allow you to truly understand your body so that you can make real progress with weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.

Changing your approach to wellness from the inside out will guarantee long lasting results and unlimited benefits!

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Metabolic Renewal Summary & Review

  • Price

  • Quality

  • Program Content

  • Effectiveness


Does Metabolic Renewal Work?

Metabolic Renewal Review in Summary: Metabolic Renewal picks-up where the original, Metabolic Aftershock left off. It’s focus is specific to women and fills a much needed niche where many programs overlap with workouts designed for men. The content delivers high quality and easy to follow videos that can be downloaded or streamed to your favorite device.

Modifiable exercises are designed for the novice and intermediate alike. There are many programs on the market, albeit more expense, and deliver less than the total package that is Metabolic Renewal. If you are looking for a one-stop shop program, this one is a must have for your workout arsenal.

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