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The Metabolic Factor Review Does it really work?

If you have been following a diet plan to lose weight and nothing happens, maybe it’s time for you to consider other methods. Metabolic Factor is a fat loss program that focuses on metabolism and hormones in burning unwanted fat. Is this the right program for you? Find out in this Metabolic Factor review

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What Should You Know Before Buying the Metabolic Factor Program?

Before buying the Metabolic Factor Program of Jonny Bowden, it is best to know what organs are involved. You will encounter the term IGF-1 hormone. What is it, and how important is it in losing weight?

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Let me enlighten you about this hormone…

IGF-1 hormone or Insulin-like Growth Factor also referred to as somatomedin C, has a molecular structure similar to insulin. This hormone plays a vital role in childhood growth. In adults, it has anabolic effects. 

This hormone is produced in the liver and skeletal muscle, also in other tissues in response to GH stimulation. IGF-1 levels are low in early childhood. It slowly increases during childhood. The highest is during puberty, and upon reaching your adult life, the IGF-1 level decreases. 

How your body metabolizes the food you eat is also essential. Here’s why…

The Metabolic Factor Program focuses on your metabolism. An individual with slow metabolism tends to store more fats rather than burn them. Therefore, the success of this program will depend on how your body metabolizes food. 

As you continue reading this Metabolic Factor review, you will understand how these two factors affect the program’s success. 

What is the Metabolic Factor Program?

Metabolic Factor Program is a fat loss nutrition scheme based on controlling carbs and consuming carb-rich cheat meals. It is a 22-day fat loss program developed by Dr. Jonny Bowden, a certified nutrition specialist. It focuses on optimizing the hormones and metabolism to help your body burn more fat. 

The program is designed for men and women who want to lose fat more healthily by improving the body’s ability to burn fat. It trains the body to use stored fat as energy and activate your MAT or Metabolically Active Tissue.

Just like other weight loss programs, Bowden’s Metabolic Factor Program has pros and cons:


  • The program encourages you to include tasty, satisfying fat in your diet.
  • Fast results in both your overall health and fat loss.
  • Reduces the risk of having diseases, wrinkles, loss of lean mass, and mental health issues.
  • This diet program is designed in a way that is easy to understand.
  • You will receive a digital and physical component of the program.
  • Offers bonus packages. 


  • It will restrict you from eating some of your favorite recipes.
  • Most recipes you need to eat are focused on meat, which means it is not for vegetarians. 
  • Some claims of the program are too good to be true. 
  • Still not certain?

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Metabolic Factor Program Features and Benefits 

The Metabolic Factor program is available in physical/shipped form and digital/online format. You can use one format only or both when ordering. Both the digital and physical format has the same information.

The only difference is that the books are shipped to your home in a physical version. The digital format can be accessed instantly online after purchasing it.

Once you make the payment, you will be given access to tools, guides, and support that are included in the program. Included in the Metabolic Factor package are as follows:

The Metabolic Factor Blueprint

Included in this blueprint is the primary 22-day guide that features the step-by-step method on how to fix your metabolism and burn fat quickly. The levels address each of the five pathways that will result to fat burning and optimal health. In each phase, Dr. Bowden will instruct you about what to do on the next step, week by week until you complete the 22 days. 

10-Minute Meals 

It contains all the delicious recipes developed with the entire family in mind. It is also safe for your children. Preparing these meals are fast and easy. It only takes you 10 minutes or less. The ingredients are available at the local grocery store. It includes different metabolism-boosting carb feast recipes and desserts that are vital in burning fat and keeping your metabolism high. 

Quick Start Guide

To help you get started in an instant, follow the guide. It will help you start with the right food, and it is good for you. This guide is the complete Metabolic Factor Plan in a condensed version guide. You will get results quickly. 

Progress Tracker

This tracker is an everyday calendar to help you monitor your results. It lets you measure the fat loss from a specific area of your body or parts where you want to get rid of weight. You will be able to determine how fast your MAT is working. 

Metabolic Motivation Emails

From the start of the program up to the last day, you will receive daily email messages from Dr. Johnny for 22 days. It will guide you, give you tips, and inspire you. 

Weekly Coaching Calls With Dr. Jonny Bowden

Dr. Jonny Bowden will be calling you to personally coach you into your transition and the next phase of your life. 

Metabolic Factor Free Bonuses 

It is a common practice in the health and fitness world to throw in some bonuses, and so is Bowden’s Metabolic Factor program. The scheme includes four bonuses which will make your life much easier when it comes to losing fats. 

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Bonus #1 – Top 50 IGF-1 Trigger Foods 

You need to eat foods to increase the IGF-1 hormone in this program. You also need to know what foods you should not eat. The bonus will give you ideas on what food to take to trigger IGF-1. 

Bonus #2 – Worst Exercise Mistakes that Kill IGF-1 and Affect Your Metabolic Response

You don’t mind working out while under this program, but you should know it could lower your IGF-1 levels. This guide is here to help you.

Bonus #3 – The World’s 7 Most Powerful IGF-1 Booster

Some foods will increase your IGF-1 levels, but your body needs help, which is what this bonus is all about. It contains 7-specific all-natural ingredients that will help increase IGF-1.

Bonus #4 – Super Bonus

This bonus includes chatting with Dr. Bowden during his weekly coaching calls. It is where the doctor delivers and shows that he cares for you. 

The Benefits

There are lots of great benefits you can take advantage of this program. Some of the benefits it offers are in areas such as simplicity, effectiveness, and usability. 

It Control Hunger

Metabolic Factor includes a list of foods that will help control hunger hormones, so you will get more energy and a flat belly. The program teaches subscribers about all-natural supplements that include various types of chemicals and herbs to help increase energy, hold down an individual’s appetite, and stimulate metabolism. 

Includes Mouthwatering Recipes

The program helps subscribers to create customized meal plans to achieve their diet goals. You will find tempting, nutritious, and delicious recipes easy to prepare. 

Boost Metabolism

If a person’s metabolic rate works, your body will function better and drop off excess body fats. Increasing energy means you will feel better. You will feel and look younger inside and out. Your body's metabolism is responsible for weight gain, but it is a natural process. There are various mechanisms your body will work to meet its individual needs. 

Increase the formation of the growth hormone IGF-1

The program does not require pills, a harsh diet plan, or expensive equipment. This program focuses on increasing the IGF-1 hormone. A higher level of this hormone can protect you against various diseases, improve cognitive abilities, and help you lose weight naturally. 

How Does the Metabolic Factor Diet Works?

This is the full table of contents from the program book.\

metabolic factor table of contents

These 22-day weight-loss program materials should be followed carefully to achieve your personal goals. If you skip any of these guidelines, it will affect the outcomes. It was not just his marketing strategy when he said that you need to follow it step by step. The program was tested before it was released on the market. Dr. Bowden is sure that if you follow this religiously, you will achieve the result you promised. 

The program focuses on triggering the hormonal reactions required to boost your metabolism. The good thing about this program is that you can customize it. For instance, if you prefer a ketogenic or vegan lifestyle, you quickly adopt this program to your eating habits.

Before you start with the program, you need to take a quick, simple quiz. The quiz will tell you your fat-burning type. Depending on your answers, you will get a personalized video that focuses on your challenges. The rest of the program is designed in modules with various sections. 

Social Proof of the Program

Over 100,000 people have tried the program, and it includes thousands of great stories of people who have lost over ten pounds. This program works well. Below are snapshots of some reviews from the Metabolic Factor users. 

Another user claimed said that he would continue to follow the program after completing the 22-day program. His energy level increases during the day. He sleeps better and has trimmed down his weight. The man agrees that it is safe and effective. 

One user is happy that she lost four pounds after four days. 

This user likes the flexibility of this program. He followed the recipes included in the program and was able to lose weight. Aside from losing weight, he became more focused on his work. His sugar and fat intake are reduced.

Another user has been using the program for 18 months. Before buying the program, she has eczema and some zits. When she started the program, she noticed her skin glow. 

Just like other programs, some people will not be able to achieve the results that they want. 

One user said this program is not effective at all. She completed the 22 days, but nothing has changed. She said it is a hoax. 

One says that it is too good to be true. 

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metabolic factor user reviews

Metabolic Factor Alternatives

If for some reason, Bowden’s Metabolic Factor does not work for you, there are alternative programs that you can try. These schemes focus on losing weight. They differ only in the way they approach it. Below are some of the alternatives you can consider. 

I felt that my Metabolic Factor review wouldn't be complete without presenting some other options that are worth considering.

Let's take a quick look.

Metabolic Factor Alternatives and Comparison

FeaturesMetabolic FactorMetabolic PrimeMetabolic RenewalMetabolic Balance
Length22 days12 weeks12 weeks12 weeks
AuthorDr. Jonny BowdenDr. Jade TetaDr. Jade TetaDr. Wolf Funfack, Silvia Burkle 
Hormone FocusIGF-1MPAHGHN/A
Guarantee90 day90 day90 dayNone
UsersMen and WomenMen and WomenWomenMen and Women

Alternative 1: Metabolic Renewal

This weight loss program is a holistic approach and is designed specifically for women. All you need to do is follow a different plan based on your hormonal profile and stage of life by answering an online questionnaire. 

As compared to Metabolic Factor which is a 22-day program, Renewal will take you 12 weeks to complete. The scheme includes diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes and is customized based on your profile. You can repeat the program if for the first time it won’t work for you. 

This program has a flexible diet plan that includes recipes. You will get a DVD of exercises that will only take 15 minutes, three times a week. Metabolic Renewal is designed to help you trim down weight fast. Dr. Jade Teta has developed it. 

Unlike Metabolic Factor which is designed for both men and women, Metabolic Renewal is for females only. When it comes to the Metabolic price Factor, it is a bit more expensive than Metabolic Renewal. 

Metabolic Renewal is based on the idea of working out intelligently, not harder. The program is divided into four phases with different workouts. It does not involve an intense workout, so it will not stress out your metabolism. 

The four phases are as follows:

Phase 1 (Week 1-3) – Harmony 

Phase 1 is the hormone-signaling systems working as expected. This phase will let you enjoy the results of exercise without giving you too much stress. It restores your brain’s hormones. It will boost your metabolism and prepare your body for the coming changes. 

Phase 2 (Week 4-6) – Inspire

Phase 2 inspire your body’s cellular machinery and burn fat as fuel. It shakes your mitochondria to transform fat into energy. This phase will give you flexible metabolism. It will help your body burn fat or carbs quickly. 

Phase 3 (Week 7-9) – Enhance

In this phase, your hormones and metabolism are in harmony. You are prepared to take other intense movements. 

Phase 4 (Week 10-12) – Symphony

Your body is now ready for a unique hormonal advantage. Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This phase stimulates HGH naturally to tone and tightens your belly, hips, arms, and butt.

You can check out my full review of metabolic renewal here.

Alternative 2: Metabolic Prime

Just like Metabolic Factor, this weight loss program focuses on boosting your metabolism. The program includes a set of videos sent to you digitally or in the form of a DVD to be shipped to your home. Metabolic Prime consists of short but intense exercises designed to work on your muscles at maximum intensity. 

The intense exercises are designed to help you lose fat fast. You exercise in short 45-second bursts and then take a rest. This program was designed by Dr. Jade Teta, a physician with a metabolic clinic in North Carolina. Even a 60-year-old individual can do the exercises to help boost their metabolism. 

Anybody who wants to lose fat and tone their body can benefit from this program. It is highly recommended for those aged 35 years old and above. Younger individuals can perform other forms of exercises that are not safe for those in their late 30s, 40s, 50s, and over.

The exercises are best for people with busy schedules or who get bored quickly with the exercises. Just like Metabolic Renewal, this program has four phases:

Phase 1 – Awaken

It prepares your body for the coming changes. This phase will awaken your dormant MPA genetics. 

Phase 2 – Energize

You will burn both body fats and sugar. To fuel your body and achieve a body-sculpting effect. 

Phase 3 – Overload

The 15-minute workouts will produce more energy, better lean muscle, and strip off those annoying pounds fast. After 2-3 days under this program, you will feel and see that your muscles have become firmer and your body fat has disappeared. 

Phase 4 – Max

In this phase, you will be burning fat and building lean muscles with the use of full-body hybrid moves. 

Alternative 3: Metabolic Balance

This is a three-month program that resets your metabolism and hormone levels, especially insulin, to help your body achieve the ideal weight. A blood test is performed to determine which food will suit your biochemistry, and this will help you develop your eating plan. 

The vital features include having a five–hour gap in every meal and not adding protein sources — fats are not allowed for the first two weeks. 

Depending on your weight, the first two weeks can result in weight loss. It is not water or lean muscle loss but fat, unlike other weight loss programs. It also increases metabolic rate instead of decreasing it, which happens with different diet regimens. 

The Metabolic Balance was developed by an expert in nutritional medicine, Dr. Wolf Funfack, a German, and a food scientist Silvia Burkle. 

This diet program is a 4-phase approach that includes:

Phase 1 – Preparation Phase 

This phase is for a two-day gentle cleansing phase to prepare your body for the adjustment that will take place on the following days.

Phase 2 – Strict Conversion Phase

This phase will take you 14 days or more to complete. It includes managing your preferred food list and the balance of whole foods such as veggies, starches, fruits, and proteins. 

This phase will not deprive you of the food you want to eat. But a diet in a traditional sense with wholesome foods that will keep your enzymes and hormones in a balanced state. 

Phase 3 – Relaxed Conversion Phase

This phase keeps with the individual until they achieve a healthy weight and their biomarkers return to normal levels. It includes the re-introduction of non-limiting foods. 

Phase 4 – Maintenance Phase

Phase 4 is as essential as phase 2 as it helps the client transition from the diet mentality to their new lifestyle. This stage includes food experimentation and limitation of foods and eight general guidelines so you can keep a healthy lifestyle stick for life. 

If Metabolic Factor is not working for you, try Metabolic Renewal, you might be able to get the result you want. 

Metabolic Factor Review – My Two Cents

Jonny Bowden has written numerous books and articles. He has appeared in several talks and seminars which makes him one of the top experts on the subject. Also, when an expert gives information only to a few chosen, it is a good sign. Bowden Metabolic Factor is the pioneer in the industry of weight loss. Now you may ask – how much does the Metabolic Factor cost? It is a bit cheaper as compared to other programs.

If you notice that your health has been declining, in spite of your best efforts, then Metabolic Factor is worth trying. With this blueprint, you will not just lose weight. But you will achieve better health and enjoy life without restricting yourself from eating your favorite foods. 

Is Metabolic Factor legit?

Definitely yes, but remember that what works for you may not work the same for others because of the many factors involved. If you have some health problems but you want to try this weight loss program, talk to your doctor first before you start with it. 

To learn more about Dr. Bowden’s Metabolic Factor, you can check the official website. For questions, suggestions, and additional ideas about the product, feel free to comment below.

Metabolic Factor Review Wrap-up

The Metabolic Factor is a great stand-alone or add-on program for others like Metabolic Renewal or Prime. The author is authentic and presents you with everything you need to get your hormones in check for living healthily. The short 22-day timeline makes it easy to stick with and motivates you for long-term health.

Be sure to follow the button above and read more about this program on the Metabolic Factor website to determine how to maximize weight loss.

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