28 Day Keto Challenge

28 Day Keto Challenge Review – Does It Deliver Weight Loss in 4 weeks?

What is the 28 Day Keto Challenge?

The 28 Day Keto Challenge is a 4-week healthy eating plan designed to help you shed unwanted weight and to help keep it off down the road. It’s no secret that eating keto is not only healthy for the long run but can really keep the pounds off.

The trouble is; “how do you start down this road?

In a hurry?

Hop over to the 28 Day Keto Challenge home page. There are tons of additional program-related information. It's a solid plan and will get you on the way to losing weight and being healthy for the long run.

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Otherwise, read on for the nitty-gritty.

The 28 Day Keto Challenge is the blueprint that will get you there. It has everything you need to do spelled out in plain words and easy-to-follow meal plans. Stick to the plan and you are sure to see results.

This review goes into details of the program to provide you with a good idea of what is in store for you before jumping on board.

However, If you are short on time, jump over to their website and pick up access through my discount link here.

Read on otherwise if you want to get into the nitty-gritty. 28 Day Keto Challenge Review Topics

28 Day Keto Challenge Review

It is a comprehensive 28-day program that is designed for those people who want to lose weight. It boasts of a complete system that one has to follow for 28 days which includes all the plans of action, recipes, buying guides, among others. The 28-Day Keto Challenge program focuses on a high-fat and low-carb approach.

It doesn’t spend any time discussing fad diets. Nor does it include any exercise plans. Its goal is to get you into a Ketogenic diet and to make it easy to stick to.

If you are looking for exercise programs, you will need to check out other courses, like Old School New Body (for weight-lifting) or something like Yoga Burn if you are looking for something with more zen.

Who Created the program?

The program is created by Keto Resource, a company that centers its studies on developing the best Keto Diet for different needs like losing weight, improving overall health, to fighting off cancer and other diseases. They were also the ones who previously have a version of the Keto Diet Challenge but is only totaled to 14 days instead of the recent version of 28 days.

The 28 Day Keto Challenge is available in digital format and it can be easily accessed as soon as you purchase it online, no need to flip over the pages of a book and no need to bring a bulky book with you to read, it is easily accessible from your smartphone, laptop computer or even your tablet.

The 28 Day Keto Challenge program includes 10 guidebooks to further help you in your journey to losing weight. With its very easy-to-follow guidelines and planning of meals, and cookbooks that have clear plus simple instructions to follow. The immense success of the program with almost 417,000 strong followings so far can be attributed to the ease of use and step-by-step planning that is easily understandable.

With my 28 Day Keto Challenge Review, I came up with the pros and cons of this product. We know that it is a dash of realism with every product and should also be considered.

28 Day Keto Challenge Program Benefits

The program provides a number of benefits from following the course itself, but the real benefit comes from adopting keto in the long run. The 28 Day Keto program is the vehicle that will get you there.

A Harvard keto diet article notes:

Ketogenic diet: Is the ultimate low-carb diet good for you?

  • Quicker weight loss than traditional low fat (and fad) diets
  • Improve blood sugar control in people who have Type 2 Diabetes
  • Improvement in sleep patterns
  • Change in strength and increase in energy
  • Improvement in hair and skin
  • Overall improvement in mental alertness and sharpness

The 28-Day Keto Challenge makes sure that the journey will be easier for you. Because of its best laid out plan, the easy-to-follow recipes, easy meal preparation, and cookbook inclusions, there is no other way for you to fail. It is intended to make your transition as easy as possible and to help you keep it that way.

Easy to follow with straight forward step-by-step guidelines

This will help develop good eating practices for the long run and help manage weight. This is obviously the biggest benefit of getting into Keto. But, I can’t overemphasize that having easy-to-follow guidelines is a huge part of having success. 28 Day Keto has just that.

With complete, easy, and tasty recipes that you can use, even after the program. Although there are alternatives (see below) that go beyond 28 days, you can just rinse and repeat this one for as long as you like. I find sometimes that it’s not bad to go with what you know for consistency.

It Is A Complete Program Package

Complete program that is well-written focusing on the easiest way to enjoy the process. The information is easily digestible and is not a chore to read. This was a big point for me. Sometimes you pick up a program, or book, that is just way too involved.

A Plan To Successful Weight Loss

It is a program that not only helps you lose weight but also on living healthier.

Lower Cost Than Many Programs

It doesn’t cost you an arm and leg. There are a lot of programs that will lighten your wallet, but this isn’t one of them. There are some upsell options to expand on the program if you like.

But really, it comes with everything you need. More on that below, but I have a discount link for you here too.

Safe No Hassel Purchase

Offers a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee. I generally use PayPal for digital purchases to make subscription and cancellation management easier. Don’t be worried though if you pay by card. It’s easy enough to get a refund if you aren’t happy with it.

Course Features

The 28-Day Keto Challenge makes sure that the journey will be easier for you. Because of its best laid out plan, the easy-to-follow recipes, easy meal preparation, and cookbook inclusions, there is no other way for you to fail. It is intended to make your transition as easy as possible and to help you keep it that way.

Let us tackle more about the 28-Day Keto Challenge and what they include when you buy the product.

The 28 Day Keto Challenge is one of the most comprehensive Keto programs available right now.

This link will help you take advantage of any available discounts:

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The program has these books included

The Basics of Keto

It will always start with the basics as it will serve as the foundation of the program. You will read all about the benefits you will get from the diet. Aside from a food pyramid and lists of things, you will need to purchase for the challenge there are also many tips on what food you can enjoy and what you should remove from your diet.

Eating on Keto

This will guide you on recipes you can prepare, such as breakfast recipes which are 10, and 14 recipes for lunch and dinner that you would surely enjoy and there are also snacks under this diet. There are also suggestions on how to help you with cravings and such.


This book tackles your body's reaction as it undergoes Ketosis. This is one of the most important parts of the program.

Importance of Macros

This is where you will learn the ratios and proportions and the calculation of macronutrients you get from every food that you consume. Also, you will know what carbs are helpful and what carbs you should stay away from.

The Keto Flu

Here explains the negative experience of someone who may be transitioning to the Keto diet. As the body is adapting to the changes, it is also giving out symptoms.

Best way to Fast

This book will teach you the right way to fast without feeling hunger pangs. Intermittent fasting is also discussed thoroughly and will surely help you get a very good understanding of how to make it work for you.

Keto & Friends

Here, the discussion will center on the impact of your new diet on those around you, specifically your friends and your family. Some are supportive to you as you go through this diet while some may question your decision. The book will tackle such and will help you not to get discouraged along the way.

The three-book inclusions are equally helpful to the 28-Day Keto Challenge line-up as the program also has the Guilt Free Desserts book that
contains 36 delicious recipes that are sure to satisfy your sweet cravings.

There is also the Yummy Avocado Recipes with 5 keto-friendly recipes to make you further enjoy avocado. The addition of the Keto
Supplements Guide
not only gives you an idea of the 12 best Keto supplements to help you during your transition but will also ensure the
effectiveness of the Ketogenic Diet.

They also added Keto Peanut Butter Treats and Keto Chocolate Treats where you can find easy to make recipes that will not be against your Keto Diet

My 28 Day Keto Challenge Results

I took the challenge and lost about 6.5lbs over 28 days. I had a few pounds to lose to keep me in my comfort zone and this did it. Following the plan made it easy to stay on track to lose 1-2 per week and I landed a bit above that average.

How many pounds can you lose on Keto in 4 weeks?

Everyone differs, but I’ve read that weight loss can be as high as 10 pounds in a week. Most of this would be water weight, but upwards of 2 per week seems to be the common trend. It would be higher coupled with consistent exercise.

This program is a helpful tool in losing weight and even managing it to keep you lean year-round.

Click here to take advantage of the program and get started right away.

28 Day Keto Alternatives

Custom Keto Diet Plan

Because the 28-Day Keto Challenge was a success, experts have come up with a customized Keto Meal Plan intended to help those who want to lose weight by coming up with meals that are prepared by nutritionists, chefs, and personal trainers and it is tailored according to the individual who will be using it. It is not your run-of-the-mill meal plan but it will also match your taste buds.

It is an 8-week meal plan that is enjoyable for you as well as effective, convenient, and most important is it is affordable. You will be provided with the following in this Custom Keto Diet program.

  • 8-week meal plan
  • A diet that is developed to perfectly fit your macro and calorie intake
  • Your most preferred foods and delicious meals prepared for your enjoyment
  • Complete instructions for customizing your meals further as you prefer
  • Meal plan with numerous food options or food variety
  • Totally easy step-by-step instructions
  • Easy to download grocery list, right at your fingertips

They are only after your 100% satisfaction, and if you are planning to buy the 8-Week Custom Meal Plan they also offer a discount here.

These 3 alternatives will get you as close to a keto diet as possible, assuming keto just isn’t for you.


Involves the consumption of plant-based foods. There is no animal product in the diet. Their food would include most fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, and beans together with plant-based milk and other non-dairy products.


Vegetarians also consume plant-based produce, but they consume dairy products and eggs. They follow a diverse option of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, proteins also grains, and nuts. They stay away from eating beef, pork, fish, chicken, or even shellfish but is allowed to eat eggs and dairy products.


Followers of this diet have a large consumption of lean meats, fruits, vegetables, seeds, fish, and nuts. They avoid all processed foods, sugar, dairy, legumes, or whole grains in their diet.

This diet is considered a bit pricey though, because of the food choices you need to make. Since it allows you to eat meat such as beef, pork, lamb, and fish. If you have a fine taste for foods such as steak and braised salmon, this will cost you more with every meal.

If Paleo appeals to you, this is a great course to try: paleo something

Health Meal Delivery Services

If you aren’t interested in shopping and cooking, then it’s worth giving a food delivery service a try. Fresh Meal Plan is a nice alternative for this because their plans are wallet-friendly, time-saving, and healthy. They also have meal plans for Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Paleo. This makes them a nice one-stop-shop to try them all.

My Two Cents 28 Day Keto Challenge

28-Day Keto Challenge is also the best alternative way to go on a diet for everyone else who has been trying to lose weight and not succeeding, many
followers of this diet have been successful in their weight loss venture so far. What makes this challenge different is how the easy to follow meal planning was provided.

The delicious meals and recipes and health tips that make the 28-Day Keto Challenge differ from the other and maybe the cause for its success. There are also some considerations to take when undergoing this diet program, one has to have the conviction and must have the commitment to
complete the weight-loss journey.

The 60 day Money back guarantee is something else, which makes it even more appealing to many people, two months to improve on your overall look is just enough time to carry out, especially for those who have been wanting to do so for a long time.

Click here to take the 28 Day Keto Challenge. As I mentioned earlier, there are often discounts. Get started by clicking here:

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