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The Ultimate 2020 Body Beast Calendar & Schedule Guide

Introduction to Body Beast Workout Calendars

It’s more than likely you’ve ended-up here looking for a copy of the Body Beast calendar. If that’s the case, then you are in the right place. My Body Beast Workout Schedule guide will walk you through each building Block of the program and give you the opportunity to download a copy of the Body Beast Schedule as well. Please note that this is not a Body Beast review of any type, but I will have a link toward the bottom if you are interested in reading my detailed review.

It’s important to take note that many of the articles you will find are outdated and not up-to-date as-of 2018. My article based on the current version of the program itself. So, let’s take-a-look at what you will gain from reading through my overview of the Body Beast Workout Sheets.

Overview: What is the Body Beast Workout Program?

Body Beast is a home workout plan developed by Sagi Kalev one of Beach Body’s most well-known fitness trainer and expert. Sagi has a couple of other high intensity home workout programs like “The Master’s Hammer and Chisel” and his latest title “A week of Hard Labor” a brutal workout to say the least.

Sagi designed Body Beast to be a workout program that can be done at home with minimal equipment and no worry about dealing with crowded gyms. His plan promises to deliver fantastic results with a leaner and stronger body.

Sagi is also likeable enough and has a great sense of humor that delivers punchy jabs his video series. Sagi’s snarky comments are more for motivation than anything else. More of this in my review.

sagi kalevsagi kalev

What Does Sagi have to say:

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Sagi Kalev”]The workout lasts roughly 90 Days and covers 3 phases known as Blocks. The workout calendar outlines which Body Beast Workout Block to follow over a series of phases last between 4 to 8 weeks each. Each Blocks are designed for a specific purpose like, cutting excess fat, building a base of total body muscle and bulking.[/pullquote]

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=””]Body Beast Is Only Available At Beach Body On Demand. Click Here To Get Access.[/thrive_text_block]

Dynamic Set Training – Your Lean Body Roadmap

Body Beast works on the principle of Dynamic Set training. What this means is that the exercises outlined in each Block and workout are based on a combination of sets, repetitions and progressive weight increases for resistance.

This combined with a short recovery time between each exercise, will ensure that your heart rate stays in a fat-burning zone for maximum results. Dynamic set training is not your every day workout routine. Gone are workouts consisting of generic curls and bench presses that don’t burn enough calories on their own to make a difference.

A Dynamic set would be performed as outlined below:

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Set 1: 15 repetitions (lightest weight)

No Rest. Just enough time to switch to medium weights

Set 2: 12 repetitions (medium weight)

No Rest. Just enough time to switch to medium weights

Set 3: 8 repetitions (heaviest weight)

Drop set: 8 more repetitions (medium weight)

Rest: Roughly 1 to 2 minutes until the next set of exercises


Expect each block to consist mixed workout schemes such as, single sets, super sets, giant sets, progressive sets, forced sets and more. The Dumbbell Sumo Squat outline above is just one example of many found I the program. I detail all of this in my Body Beast Workout review (click here to read more).

The 90 Day Body Transformation Plan

I get into this in more detail later in this article, but the program is scheduled to take place over 90 days. If you follow the calendars provided and a clean nutrition plan you will see results. There are a multitude of before and after photos that you will find on review sites and the official Beach Body website.

I would trust the latter more since the results photos on the main website are required to be authentic. That is not the case for other websites and blogs claiming to have completed the program.

One thing to keep in mind, is that some of the before and after pictures on the Beach Body website, show results that required more than the standard 90-day schedule would deliver. This is true since the test group had varying levels of fitness and body composition.

Therefore, not all participants would have the same results over the same period-of-time. Beach Body does state that “results will vary”. This will be true for anyone.

How can you benefit from the Body Beast workout calendar?

Following a schedule will help make sure you stay on track and have a better chance of reaching your goals. Doing so also keeps you from guessing what to do each day since it’s all planned out for you.

While most Beach Body workouts can be mixed-and-matched with others it’s a good idea to follow each program start to finish to make sure you are familiar with the program and requirements. Following the plan from the beginning though will set you on the right path.

The Body Beast workout calendar has 2 main approaches that will work for people either planning to get lean or bulk-up. The Body Beast Lean and Huge Beast schedules both include routines from Block 1, 2 and 3. People looking for a workout to shed more pounds should start with the Lean Beast workout schedule.

Those who are looking to build more lean muscle mass should opt for the Huge Beast calendar instead. The most noticeable difference between the two workout plans is that the Lean Beast schedule include much more cardio than the Huge Beast plan. Before we get into the calendars or schedules let’s take a moment to talk about the workout Blocks.

What are Body Beast Build Block’s?

Each calendar, or workout plan, is based on a combination of 3 blocks. Each block has a specific purpose and are organized in a manner that maximize results whether you are looking to build lean muscle mass or cut some fat is search of those coveted washboard abs. The program schedules the workouts based on these blocks lasting 90 days.

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Lean Beast Duration: 3 weeks: 6 days on, 1 day off

Huge Beast Duration: 3 weeks: 6 days on, 1 day off


The Build Block’s mission is to you guessed it; build a foundation of toned muscle and improve your base level of strength. As such the workouts in this phase target more than one muscle group and you can expect to find a lot of compound muscle exercises. Split workouts in this block would be along the lines of chest/tris, legs, back/biceps and so forth.

The only exception to this is Legs day which focuses on working leg muscles only. This is true for all Blocks since legs are big muscles, they take a lot of work.  The Lean Build Block workouts last close to 60 minutes in many cases including warm-up and cool-down.

The reason behind this is the shorter times spent working individual muscle groups due to the workout split. Back and Biceps for example would be worked an estimated 20-25 minutes in this phase. They would be worked 45 minutes or more in the Bulk or Beast blocks since those workouts focus on one muscle group instead of two or more.

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Lean Beast Duration: 5 weeks: 6 days on, 1 day off

Huge Beast Duration: 6 weeks: 6 days on, 1 day off


The Bulk Block is a longer phase than the Lean and is designed to help pack-on muscle. This block is progressively more challenging than Build Block 1 and this is the case whether you follow the Lean Beast or Huge Beast calendar. Here you can expect to increase your calorie intake to make sure you have proper nutrition to fuel your workouts.

The Bulk Block moves away from split exercises and focuses on working one muscle group at a time. There are big sets in this schedule and your strength will be put to the test. Workouts in this phase are generally 35-50 minutes including warm-up and stretch.

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Lean Beast Duration: 4 weeks: 6 days on, 1 day off

Huge Beast Duration: 3 weeks: 6 days on, 1 day off


Block 3 (Beast) is the final Body Beast workout schedule of the program. The goal with this workout is to put finishing touches on your physique based on the plan you decided to follow. If you opted to go with the Body Beast Lean Schedule, this is where there is more cardio workouts.

You will end-up spending 4 weeks in this Block compared to the 3 weeks if you are following the body beast huge schedule. The difference between the 2 calendars are this point really come down to ramping-up cardio or weight lifting workouts.

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The Beast Body Workout Calendars:

I’ve taken a couple of screenshots of the calendars. As you can see, the program takes about 90 days to complete. Depending on your goals you might opt to complete more than one round. You can even mix it up. Let’s say that I just wanted to get lean and tone-up.

In this case I would follow the Lean Calendar and put extra effort into the cardio portion to maximize fat burning potential. If I wanted to pack on some great muscle, I might opt to go through the Bulk schedule twice and follow the Lean calendar afterward to get rid of any stubborn fat.

No matter how you look at it, the workouts are interchangeable and can be mixed-up to get the results you are looking for. Just one final point on this topic. You absolutely must be consistent and eat good clean foods. You don’t necessarily have to follow the Book of Beast diet plan included, but you need to follow a plan.

That does not mean cutting out everything you have come to love, but it does mean controlling what you eat and making sure you stay within the calorie needs of what you want to achieve. The fact is, that no matter how great a workout program is, there is nothing that matters more than nutrition.

The way I look at this is that you eat to get lean and that is exciting. I plan my next meal like its my next workout and you should too.

Lean Beast Calendar:

The Lean schedule is outline with more cardio workouts than you will find in the Bulk schedule. The purpose of this workout plan is to help burn excess fat and prepare you for the Bulk workouts if you plan to add on some muscle mass. Here you will also do more total-body workouts as opposed to the split style workouts in the Bulk plan.

Body Beast Lean Beast CaleandarBody Beast Lean Beast Caleandar

Huge Beast Calendar:

The Bulk schedule has reduced amounts of cardio to maximize muscle building. Long bouts of cardio workouts can lead to a reduction in muscle since you can get into a catabolic state. This is something you don’t want when you are trying to pack-on muscle. The plan will have you focusing on more traditional split sets like; chest and triceps, back and biceps etc.

body beast huge beast calendarbody beast huge beast calendarbody beast huge beast calendar

Body Beast Calendar Download

You can download a copy of the calendars here by subscribing and becoming a member of our growing Lean on Life community.


Thanks for taking the time to read our Body Beast Calendar guide. The Body Beast program is currently available only from as a subscription to Beach Body on Demand. It’s only about $10 per month with the option to cancel at any time. This a plus since you can stream the workout videos from wherever you like and from any device (cell phone, laptop, ipad etc).

This subscription comes at a lower cost than if you were able to purchase the program on its own when it was $60 or more. Body Beast is available only on Beach Body on Demand. Click here to subscribe to Beach Body on Demand and build the lean muscle you've always desired.

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