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Does Calibrate Weight Loss Work? Maybe…

What Is Calibrate Weight Loss, And How Can You Benefit From It?

Does Calibrate Weight Loss work?

Losing weight can be physically and mentally draining if it's not done right. And unfortunately, those sneaky pounds end-up right where they came from, ending that once ambitious weight loss journey.

The Calibrate Weight Loss program is a comprehensive year-long program that resets the body's metabolism. The program aims to connect people who suffer from weight-related health problems to experts and doctors for long-term sustainable weight loss.

Calibrate Weight Loss Program: An Overview

Most specific programs work on dieting and calorie restriction to shed unwanted pounds. And, they don't consider what is causing weight gain to begin with and what should be done to keep pounds from returning.

The Calibrate Weight Loss program targets weight-related problems from a scientific angle. For example, it throws out the idea that eating the right foods and exercising is the best (or only) way to lose weight. 

Calibrate focuses on aspects that go beyond just diet and exercise. It connects you with doctors and experts to develop a plan to lose weight and keep it off.

In fact, they guarantee it. More on that below.

Calibrate Company Background – How Can They Help?

Before we get further into this Calibrate weight loss review, let us talk briefly about the company behind it.

Calibrate is a health tech company that has devised a sustainable method to lose weight by targeting the four pillars of metabolic health: 

  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Emotional wellness

This program's core mission is to alter how the world treats weight.

They take a total solution approach to preventing weight gain through a year-long program to reset the metabolism. It is the perfect combination of direct coaching, a personalized plan, GLP-1s medications, and essential lifestyle tweaks to guarantee a minimum weight loss of 10%. 

This program is immensely reliable as per customer testimonials and approval by a top clinical advisory board. Customers often report losing more than the 10% guarantee or more).

How Does Calibrate Guarantee Weight Loss?

Calibrate promises to help you lose weight by at least 10%, which is something that most programs or courses offer. Other programs just let it be “up to you” with no guidance other than your own discipline.

They provide a dedicated coaching team that helps you meet your target weight over 12 months through a biology-reliant approach and FDA-approved medications.

Calibrate Weight Loss Customer Praises And Criticism

Most of Calibrate's customers reported improving their metabolic system and, more often than not, exceeding the 10% promise. In addition, they claimed that following Calibrate contributed to sustained weight loss.

Moreover, Calibrate weight loss helped them balance their moods, sleep, and physical condition. And also improved their feeling of overall well-being. 

It is common for weight loss plans to be associated with negative reviews because each experience varies. Some users were critical of a few points. 

Customers Praise

  • Sustainable weight loss of at least 10% guaranteed.
  • Scientific approach rather than calorie restriction
  • 1 coaching through video appointment
  • Targets to improve sleep and emotional health beyond improving the metabolic condition
  • Refunds available
  • Convenient payment options are available via Affirm.
  • Easily accessible and user-friendly
  • Collaborates with insurance to cover medication costs
  • HSA and FSA-compatible
  • Customized plans through the calibrate app
  • Proven weight loss medication

Customers Criticize

  • Available only in the U.S.
  • Expensive compared to others
  • A 12-month commitment is too long for some
  • Prescription medication for weight loss
  • 1:1 coaching sessions could be longer

Following the Calibrate weight loss plan, the benefits are more substantial than the cons. 

Everyone's situation is different, which must be considered in each case. Still, if sustainable weight loss and lifestyle changes are what it takes to make you stronger and healthier, it might just be worth the price.

What Makes Calibrate Work?

The foundation of this program is based on weight loss medications prescribed during your 1:1 doctor session. Coaching and planning are also integral to success, but GLP-1 is what supports the guarantee.

FDA-Approved Medication with insurance coverage

The Calibrate Weight Loss program is highly reliable because it gives you a detailed plan that will assist you in losing weight healthily. One of the essential parts of this plan involves using proven prescription medication to help lose weight.

All medicines used by the program are FDA-Approved GLP-1s. This targets your biology to balance our hormone levels, leading to an improved metabolic system for sustained weight loss.

FDA-approved medications have a higher chance of getting approved and covered through your insurance. Therefore, those medical bills don't need to weigh so heavy on your pocket. Instead, your insurance plan may cover it if you achieve your deductible.

How Much Does It Cost Overall?

Calibrate practices complete transparency regarding its pricing. Its services come with the guarantee of 10% weight loss. There are no sneaky fees hidden away.

The cost is straightforward:

Calibrate costs include an initial $25 investment towards your prescription medication assigned to you by Calibrate's medical team after thorough clinical research.

The second fee of $135 per month is fixed. It targets all other aspects of the program, including one-on-one coaching sessions, ongoing medical care, and the elaborate curriculum.

So you can expect to pay about $160 monthly for 12 months.

A Coaching Plan

Most weight loss programs do not provide live coaching to keep you on track.

Calibrate's coaching plan involves one-on-one video accountability and progress sessions throughout the program. This keeps you from feeling like you are on your own.

The coaching plan keeps you up-to-date and accountable. As a result, you will be guided back on course and focused on your goal. 

It is typical for inevitable slips when undergoing a whole-body reset or significant lifestyle changes. Calibrate's plan will keep you on the right track on your weight loss journey.

Calibrate's main aim is not just to help you lose weight. But also to offer emotional support for better well-being and motivation to stay on course. 

How Much Weight Can You Lose With Calibrate?

Calibrate's first group of customers lost up to 15% of their body weight. And, as mentioned earlier, they promise no less than 10% weight loss throughout 12 months.

Many members have reported a much higher percentage, even as high as 23%. 

A refund policy backs this guarantee if a member cannot lose the minimum guaranteed weight. 

What Medication Does Calibrate Prescribe To Lose Weight?

One essential part of this metabolic reset plan is Calibrate's FDA-approved prescribed medications. 

These include GLP-1s, i.e., glucagon-like peptide-1s, and the Calibrate doctor prescribes various medicines of this type to the members according to their health history and overall goals.

The best part about these medications is that they do not cause harmful side effects. On the contrary, they help balance out the natural hormones that our body generates for better metabolic health. 

Some examples of these medicines include dulaglutide, semaglutide, and liraglutide. Common brand names associated with these medicines may sound more familiar such as Ozempic, Wegovy, and Saxenda, among many others.

All medicines are put through lab work for thorough clinical testing to ensure they are free of stimulants and do not cause addiction. 

These directly target the underlying biology that is the heart of weight loss and aid in decreasing your body's set point, i.e., the weight your body tries to hold onto.

These medications are substantial and include naturally-occurring hormones that your gut produces. They signal the brain to reduce appetite and improve metabolism and digestion. So you feel fuller, longer.

What Do You Eat When On Calibrate?

The food aspect of this program is one of the best parts. Calibrate keeps a flexible approach to food and caters to almost all dietary restrictions due to culture, religion, beliefs, or allergies.

Therefore, its food plan caters to kosher, gluten-free, vegan, and lactose-free requirements, among many others.

Calibrate plans for a likable, sustainable, and flexible diet, minimizes filler foods, and maximizes healthier nutritional alternatives such as fiber, protein, and good fats.

It is important to note that the Calibrate food plan is not meant to be a diet because the program does not aim to offer a meal plan or any meal replacements. 

The goal is to sustain weight loss through a balanced diet rather than restricting calories. 

Breakfast within the Calibrate system looks like eggs, avocado, yogurt, and berries. On the other hand, dinner or lunch can include chicken and roasted vegetables or a slow-cooked stew. 

The program has a range of excellent recipes, and your coach will guide you to meet your goals.

I love that this program is designed to help ensure the best chance of successful weight loss and does not have people counting or restricting calories. 

What are the side effects of Calibrate Weight Loss?

The overall program conducts itself naturally and sustainably by targeting the metabolic health of the customer and focusing on the deep-rooted biology to make long-term changes. 

Therefore, the program itself is not associated with any side effects. In addition, the medication used by the program also includes naturally-occurring hormones and, thus, contributes to balancing the levels within our body.

The side effects of the prescribed GLP-1 medicines are infrequent. Therefore, most users of these medications do not experience any side effects. 

Calibrate mentioned that in rare cases, nausea is the most common.

Final Thoughts On Calibrate

If you've struggled with problems that have led to weight gain and particular health concerns, Calibrate is the way to go. 

Calibrate is a holistic program and targets many functions beyond helping you lose weight. It instills confidence, emotional well-being, and healthy lifestyle choices by making these aspects a permanent addition to your life. 

Moreover, suppose you wish to achieve your goals without feeling tired and burnt-out from a lack of nutrition and extreme exercise. In that case, this could be what you need.

Calibrate's coaching plan ensures that all lifestyle tweaks the program offers to become an ongoing habit through constant reinforcement and motivation.

Click here to check out the Calibrate One-year Metabolic Reset program to get on track with losing weight, looking, and feeling ly better. In the long run!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What To Consider Before Purchasing Weight Loss Programs

Before we get deeper into the review, we need to cover what should be considered before jumping into any weight loss program.

The benefits of weight loss, beyond the physical appeal, are undeniable. It lowers the risk of heart disease, improves stamina, minimizes muscle pains, improves moods, and often leads to higher self-esteem.

When you're looking for a particular weight loss program, the following factors are worth considering: 

  • Is The Program Flexible? A weight loss program should be flexible enough with foods to keep you on the right track. No one is happy eating foods they don't like.
  • Is The Program Balanced? Calorie restriction is required if a program has extremes, like all exercise, no diet, or weeks of intense training. It is unlikely that someone will stick to it and fall off over time. Lengthy bouts of these things can lead to burnout and failure.
  • Is The Program Enjoyable? You have to enjoy what you are doing to stick with it. Dull diets and workouts are just a grind. The novelty soon wears off. So make sure that what you get into is at least enjoyable. 
  •  Exercise And Activity: Consider a plan with the exercise and activities you need to improve your fitness condition. But most importantly, ensure they are exercises that work best for you. It's never a bad idea to check this out and get feedback from a doctor before you jump into something potentially unsafe. 
  • Is It Affordable? The pricing is integral regardless of the product or service you invest in. You wouldn't want that hard-earned money wasted on a temporary weight loss regime that fails to deliver lasting results.

Be sure to consider all of these points before jumping into something that might not be the best option for you. Outside of the cost, Calibrate is designed to deliver on these points. The 10% weight loss guarantee protects you from monetarily losing what you've put into so that you are positioned for success.

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