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One And Done 7-Minute Workout. Burn Calories In Less Time?

One And Done Workout – A Quick Review

Getting the body you desire means finding a workout program that works best for you. And that you get results as fast as possible.

Fortunately, the Svelte Training has developed One And Done. It is a fast and effective workout program that can be done in just 7-minutes per day. 

The idea here is that you get your workout done quickly but in a way that ensures you burn calories long after it's over. So let's go ahead and jump into my One and Done workout review.

What Is The Svelte One and Done Workout?

The One And Done Workout is sprint interval training (SIT), designed by Meredith Shirk and the Svelte training team. SIT is a high-intensity workout combined with low-intensity aerobic recovery. With no stops between rounds.

True to its name, the workouts take only 7 minutes. There is a warm-up and cool-down, but the exercises take only 7 minutes. You can complete the daily activities in 10 minutes, including the warm-up and cool-down.

Essentially, the Svelte one-and-done workouts are short sessions with high-intensity exercises that accelerate weight loss because of the intensity. The activities are called sprints, a series of back-to-back exercises.

Traditionally, weight loss has been linked with long hours of workouts to get results. However, One And Done is made for those who are always on the go.

What Do I Get With The Program?

The One and Done workout program is an exclusive digital training program that provides resources such as eBooks, video guides, and checklists to keep you on track. 

In addition, these resources provide an in-depth explanation of the program. You'll know exactly how it works, what to eat, and what to do. 

One and Done covers 14 days of SIT workout videos, how-to instructions for the workouts, and exclusive access to a member's only dashboard. 

You'll access all the resources in a convenient and easy-to-use members dashboard online. The login information is sent to you via email after you purchase so that you have instant access and can get started right away.

The two diet plans that come with it will help you lose those extra pounds above what just the exercises will do.

The detox and 10-day keto recipe guides are straightforward and easy to stick with. They taste great, are nutritious, and are the secret to fine-tuning your metabolism and burning calories more efficiently than the exercises alone. 

Following the program and sticking to the eating plans will maximize your fat loss. Many report losing more than 2lbs per week. However, the results depend on how much you put into the program.

The price tag is at a sweet point of $29, making it accessible to most.

How Does the One and Done Workout Work?

The SIT workouts in this program are basically short bursts of exercise (known as sprints) followed by more extended rest periods. The rest periods of an SIT workout are active. 

Meaning that you continue to exercise but at a lower intensity. You repeat that for the entire 7 minutes.

On the other hand, the more well-known high-intensity interval training (HIIT) approach works on long periods of exercise followed by short rest periods of no activity.


SIT was initially based on sprinting to rapidly burn fat and improve athletic performance. The One and Done workouts follow the same structure but use different exercises. There is no running involved.

What Are The Benefits Of A One And Done Workout?

Not only is there no equipment or gym needed the benefits of a One and Done come down to how the workouts are done.

We all know that your usual jog or treadmill slog will burn only so many calories. And the time investment needed to lose weight is a long one, to say the least.

People have looked to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to pick up the calorie burn where regular exercise leaves off. HIIT involves more prolonged, physically demanding activity followed by short rest periods between rounds. 

Sprint Interval Training (SIT) is a cousin of HIIT, but its approach is flipped upside down. The exercise rounds are very short but explosive, and the rest times are longer, but you aren't sitting idle. Instead, you work out during the rest.

HIIT and SIT workouts can burn significantly more calories than traditional exercise routines. For example, one study shows that these sorts of exercises can burn 25-30% more fat than regular exercises during the same period (days/weeks, etc.). 

In addition, the time needed to get results is often far less than spending hours in the gym.

Here Is What To Expect From A One And Done Workout:

  • Each workout starts with a warm-up that prepares you for the 7 minutes of non-stop exercise.
  • Give the maximum effort for 20 seconds. 
  • This is followed by an active recovery period of 1 minute, where you continue to exercise at a slower pace.
  • Start another round, with maximum yourself for another 20 seconds
  • Continuously repeat the 20-second maximum intensity and 60 seconds of active recovery for 7 minutes

If this sounds intense, it can be. But remember that the program is also designed to scale as you get into better shape.

And there are alternative exercises to do if you cannot perform the regular ones.

What Makes One And Done Different Than Other Weight Loss Programs?

This program differs from most on the market today in a couple of ways.

  1. The workout durations require minimal time investment for maximum results.
  2. Even though the workouts can be intense, the program is set up so that almost anyone can ease into the exercises as they get accustomed to them.
  3. The SIT workout approach is the most uncommon aspect of the program. Few, if any, mainstream programs use this method to lose weight. And it's a shame, given how effective it is at burning calories.

One And Done Pros and Cons


One and Done has a lot going for it in a small package. The benefits you gain go further than just burning calories. To name a few:

  • Highly elevated metabolism ensures rapid fat loss
  • Builds endurance
  • Better sleep
  • Improves flexibility
  • No equipment is required
  • The low time commitment for significant results
  • Scalable for all ages (ladies and men)


  • High-intensity workouts can cause muscle soreness
  • The 14-day duration might not be enough for some people to lose the desired weight. If your goal is more than a few pounds, you'll have to repeat the cycles or get on to a more extensive program.

Things To Consider Before Choosing One and Done Workout Program

Before jumping into any program, especially a fast-paced one like this, some things would be good to consider beforehand.

Know Your Fitness Goals

Ask yourself if your goals are long-term or short, what type of fitness and health benefits you expect or need, what cost (including equipment), and is this something that you can do.

The One And Done program meets or exceeds many of these needs; it's short and is great for those who don't have time to spare.

In addition, the exercises can help you lose a few pounds in a matter of days, which is excellent for most people. And there are no additional costs outside of the program itself.

This isn't it if you are looking for a more comprehensive program. But it is an excellent addition to your current regimen. Or you can repeat it as often as you like to burn more calories and lose more weight. 

Repeating the program or doing more than one 7-minute workout each day can get you to your goals even faster.

Reviews and Testimonials

Good Reviews:

There are not a lot of user testimonials outside of mine that seems to be genuine. My opinion of the program is that for the cost, it's effective and worth a try. 

The workouts and layout of the program are excellent without a pile of fluff to sort out. That helped me start immediately, and I lost a couple over the course.

However, people who have followed Svelte Training programs like The Metaboost Connection have also given positive feedback.

Here is some feedback from the Svelte Training home page for reference.

“After only 1 week I've lost 3 inches around my waist and hips. So yea I'm a believer!! Thank you Svelte Training for your amazing generosity! 

Lee J
One And Done testimonial

“It has been easy to commit to this lifestyle and change necessary to succeed and also such a wake-up call to how weak physically I let myself get.”

Kristen L
One And Done testimonial

Bad Reviews

I did not find any bad reviews of One And Done by others. But there is some negative feedback regarding Svelte Media. I found it mentioned several times that the company does over-promote its products. So you can expect to get a lot of emails from them after you sign-up.

But I wouldn't write off something because of this. I'd just unsubscribe or ignore the emails I don't want to read and read the ones that stand out.

Who Is One And Done Best For?

Even though the workouts can be challenging, the exercises are modifiable so that almost everyone can do them. In addition, it's practical for men and women and all ages. 

People who will benefit most need to shed a few pounds quickly. But people looking for a long-term solution will likely want a program that lasts more than a few weeks.

If you fit any of these points are what you are looking for, then One And Done is right for you:

  • Beginners and Experts
  • Individuals that want to improve their overall fitness level
  • Getting rid of fat in trouble areas
  • People who want to work out anywhere. No gym needed
  • Individuals with a busy schedule and wants to maximize their workout session as well as manage time
  • Individuals whose other workout regimens did not work for them

One And Done Workout – My Two Cents

One And Done might not be for everyone. But it fits the mold for most of us who want to improve overall fitness and lose a few pounds fast.

You can also expect to improve flexibility, endurance, balance, and strength. The member's dashboard keeps all the tools at your fingertips. 

The workout videos are engaging, easy to follow, and streamable from any device. Also, the easy-to-follow keto and detox smoothie recipes will keep your calories in check without counting.

The discounted price from $99 to $29 makes it a solid value for even the most cost-conscious.

One And Done FAQ

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