LIIFT4 Workout Program

2020 LIIFT4 Reviews. All the benefits are detailed here.

What is LIIFT4?

If you have landed here, there is a good chance that you have browsed other LIIFT4 reviews and needed a bit more detail about the program. I get a lot of questions from people wondering if this home workout will deliver results whether its fat loss or building a lean and toned body.

The short answer is yes. LIIFT4 is an excellent home workout program for anyone looking to save time and get quick results.

LIIFT4 is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout combined with weight lifting. You will be working out 4 times per week for about 30-40 minutes each day.

This program is unique in the sense that it combines these 2 types of workouts. Usually you will find HIIT and weight-lifting workouts separated into a program of its own.

A good example of this is Body Beast that is based on lifting weights or Insanity that is based on interval training (HIIT). Both are great programs on their own and worth following at some point. However, LIIFT4 combines the two workout types into one program. The results are nothing short of excellent.

Who is it for?

Beachbody places this workout program in Intermediate to Advanced fitness levels. Therefore its great for anyone who has a decent fitness foundation and for those with more experience under their belts.

It can be useful to beginners as well since there are alternative exercises in each workout. It’s worth noting though that those modified exercises are tougher than the ones you would find in other programs such as Focus T25.

Like all Beachbody workouts LIIFT4 is great for women and men of all ages. Anyone looking to reduce body fat and get seriously toned should give this workout a shot.

Program ElementDetail
Exercise Focus: Muscle Building and Fat Loss
Experience Level: Intermediate to advanced
Program Duration: 8 Weeks
Workout Duration: 30-40 minutes

[thrive_text_block color=”green” headline=”PROS”]

  1. Cost Effective: About $2.99/wk
  2. Time Effective: Save time by skipping the gym
  3. High calorie burn: 300-500 per workout
  4. Modifier exercises: Exercises anyone can do
  5. Easy to follow: Excellent 4-day schedule
  6. Fun exercises: Engaging and motivating
  7. A meal cheat day: Keeps the cravings in check


[thrive_text_block color=”red” headline=”CONS”]

  1. No in video music (not a deal breaker. A play list is available on Spotify)
  2. Requires weights or resistance bands
  3. Requires Beach Body on Demand subscription (it’s cheap though $2.99/wk)
  4. The high intensity workouts might not be ideal for beginners


[thrive_text_block color=”green” headline=”FEATURES”]

  • 32 workout Videos
  • On-demand – stream from your device
  • 8 Week workout calendar
  • 30-40 minute workouts 4 days per week
  • Progression Tracker


[thrive_text_block color=”green” headline=”BENEFITS”]

  • Time-saving workouts are easy to stick to
  • High calorie burn from HIIT reduces fat
  • Integrated weight lifting tones and build muscle
  • Easy to follow nutrition plan makes weight loss a snap. Nothing complicated here
  • Program schedule keeps you on track for consistent results
  • Cardiovascular endurance. 75 minutes of HIIT can do what can be gained from 150 minutes of basic cardio.
  • Build muscle while getting cardiovascular benefits


LIIFT4 workout review

Let’s talk a bit about my experience with the program. I purchased the VIP early access package to get ahead of the curve and satisfy my curiosity of the workouts. I was a fan of Tapout XT a few years ago and waited a long time for a comparable program. This one did not disappoint!

The information below is my opinion based on the experiences I’ve had throughout the workout. Now, Let’s get into a more detailed review.

The program details

It’s important to know that while HIIT workouts are beneficial to your athletic performance you can get too much of it if you aren’t careful. LIIFT4 has answers to this.

The program comes with 4 important guides to make sure you get started on the right foot and stay on track.

LIIFT 4 Calendar

A very easy to follow schedule for the 8-week course. This guides you through all of the workouts and keeps it consistent. Having a schedule is a big deal when getting into shape. The calendar is accessible from inside of Beachbody.

LIIFT 4 Weight Tracker

This helps you keep track of how much you are lifting each week. This is important to know so that you can progress. Heavier weights will make sure you grow, but you must keep track, otherwise you might hit a plateau.

Program and Nutrition Guide

No workout program would be complete without a nutrition plan. Gone are the days of diets. The focus now is eating healthy for life. The LIIFT 4 nutrition guide connects you to the workouts. Meaning, you have to eat right to get results.

Note: The nutrition guide recommends all of the Beachbody supplements, which is fine. They great supplements. However, they can be pricey. You can find everything you need at the grocery or your local nutrition shop.

Vegan Nutrition Plan

This is a great addition! Most of the nutrition plans in other programs miss the mark here. Not all of us have-to eat meat. The problem is finding great protein sources for muscle growth if you aren’t a carnivore (joking). This guide fixes the protein problem for the vegans of us by giving meat alternative protein resources.

Who made the program?

joel freeman beachbody trainer

LIIFT4 is the latest workout program from Beach Body. The creator, Joel Freeman in known for his mixed martial arts (MMA) style workout Core De Force which is a bit like TapOut XT if you recall that one but much better.

Joel is one of Beachbody’s newest trainer and comes with great credentials. His first program (Core De Force) was a success and many followers looked forward to seeing more released by him.

He owns his own gym and, also managed the Group X programming at Gold’s Gym. Joel is also a BODYCOMBAT trainer who loves to help people reach or exceed their fitness goals.

I like the way he interacts with people in his workout series. The atmosphere he creates is friendly and comfortable even when working out with intensity.

I had some friends tell me once that they had a hard time completing Insanity because the felt like Shaun T. was yelling at them. That’s not true of course, it’s just his way of motivating.

Where can I get it and how much is it?

LIIFT4 is only available on beach body on demand. Beach Body They stopped selling DVD programs some time ago, so you will need a subscription to get access. It’s cheap though and costs far less than a disc version would have most likely cost. A subscription also gives you access to all of their programs. Dollar for dollar it’s the least expensive and most comprehensive collection of workouts available.

The subscription fee is about $2.99 per week (billed quarterly). This is significantly cheaper than most gym membership (by a long shot). It also gives you access to all their programs, a meal planner, forums, video streaming and a 10% discount on beach body merchandise (supplements, equipment etc).

How many calories do the workouts burn?

The number of calories burned during a workout will be directly related to your effort. This will really vary by individual, but if you keep pace with the workouts you could expect around 300-500. More if you are getting back into shape, working out for the first time or pushing your limits.

The schedule is laid out in a manner that makes it tough to over train. This can be a problem when following other programs that don’t mix it up or have you working out 5 to 6 days per week at a high intensity.

Sure, program schedules like that are fantastic for burning fat, but you can experience muscle loss over time. Joel designed the program around the philosophy of training smart. This means eating well, getting rest and maintaining consistency.

Your week will have 3 rest days to give your body time to repair and build. This really helps you push hard on the workout days. This translates into an increased endurance so that you can really push through the workouts. You will get to a point where lifting heavier weight becomes easier and the rest days will ensure better results over time.

Once you get to a point where you can push hard, you will most likely increase the calorie burn beyond the 300-500 I mentioned earlier.

What are the workouts like?

LIIFT4 workout

I really enjoy the mix of workouts the program has. Each of the 32 available workouts are unique and help keep it mixed-up. Many other programs repeat the same few workouts over and over which gets dull quick. I myself have a hard time following through courses that have only a handful of workouts.

The workouts have some that are all HIIT and others that are a mix of high intensity exercises during the first half and HIIT weights in the second. I like these most!

You will feel like you have worked out. I understand that is a Captain Obvious statement, but some programs leave you left wanting more. LIIFT4 workouts challenge you which is important for getting good results.

The LIIFT4 workout calendar is divided into 2 phases lasting a total of 8 weeks. The 6 weeks will have you doing workouts designed to build muscle, cut (drop fat) and define your body shape. The last 2 weeks are very intense to help burn-off the last bit of fat to give you a sharp looking physique.

The pictures below show sample workouts from Week 1 of Phase 1 and week 8 of the final phase. You can see from the description of what the first 6 weeks of working out is like. Remember there 50 workouts so you won’t be repeating things. You can also see below what the last week looks like to give you an idea of where you would start and end.

Week 1: Build it workout schedule

This Week 1 (build It) schedule shows that each workout is around 35 to 40 minutes long. The workouts are laid-out to work your entire body over the week. Workouts with 50/50 in the description include intense cardio and weight training.

LIIFT4 week 1 - build it schedule

Week 8: Shred it workout schedule

This Week 8 (Shred it) schedule shows examples of the type of workouts to expect when wrapping-up the program. Half of the final workouts are circuits and 50/50 cardio/weight training. At this point you will be able to push pretty hard and if your nutrition is on task, you should be looking and feeling really good right now.

LIIFT4 Week 8 - Shred It

I like the layout of the schedule a lot. The details of what to expect in the workout, how long it will take and what you need is very nice. Other workout programs leave you guessing until you’ve cycled through the workouts a few times.

How long are the workouts?

Beachbody has taken the approach of making the most of everyone’s time. Some of the original programs like Insanity and P90X’s workouts lasted upward of an hour or more. They were and still are effective today, but time is a scarce resource for many of us.

LIIFT4 keeps the workouts timed between 30-40 minutes which is more than enough to get a good calorie burn and make a good impact on overall fitness and body composition throughout the 8-week course.

What if I can’t do the workouts?

Beach Body has learned a lot from past workouts. Insanity is an example of an extreme conditioning workout that was not for the faint of heart. I was already in decent shape (so I thought) when I went through a round and it absolutely demolished me at the beginning.

This was a problem since many of us could not jump into that type of workout right away. To fix that, they added modifiers (alternative exercises) to give options for people who were either unable to fully perform one of the workouts either because of something like an old injury or overall fitness.

LIIFT4 follows the same route and has modifier exercise to help you ease into it.

What equipment is needed?

The equipment needs are minimal. All you need is a set of dumbbells in 3 weights: low, medium and heavy. If you don’t have weights or don’t care to buy them, you can use resistance bands instead.

I would recommend a set of inexpensive adjustable dumbbells though since you can tune them to fit you throughout the 8-week schedule as you get stronger. If you just get 3 individual weights or bands, you might have to get more later.

Other than that, you will need small space in front of your TV or wherever you are streaming the videos. Enough space to lay-down and stretch-out will do.

LIIFT4 Nutrition plan

One of the great things about the nutrition plan is the common-sense approach. I have always liked Beach Body’s nutrition plans, but most of them are not so easy to stick with. They aren’t complicated in the way that you would think though. They always have food lists and guidelines, but for the chef-skill-challenged ones like me, the recipes are freaking hard follow. They are also strict.

LIIFT4’s nutrition plan is a back-to-basic philosophy that focuses on whole foods that are as good as they are nutritious. But, it also gives you a cheat day to keep cravings in check (this helps me). Also, don’t forget the Vegan plan I mentioned earlier. The two of these gives a nice rounded nutrition package.


[pullquote align=”normal”]When you sign-up, you might be tempted to buy Beachbody supplements, which is fine, you need supplements. However, they are very expensive. You can find the same stuff at your local vitamin or nutrition shop and save a ton of money. [/pullquote]

What is LIIFT4 Comparable to?

LIIFT4 vs Insanity vs Body Beast

 LIIFT4InsanityBody Beast
FocusMuscle building, cardio endurance, Fat LossCardio endurance, Fat LossMuscle building, Fat Loss
Schedule8 weeks12 weeks12 weeks
DifficultyIntermediate / AdvancedAdvancedIntermediate / Advanced
Equipment needed?Yes, dumbbells NoYes, dumbbells and free weights, pull-up bar
Best ForPeople looking to build a balanced athletic physique with great muscular definitionPeople looking for serious fat loss and cardio endurancePeople looking to build muscle.

Within Beachbody, LIIFT4 is a standalone in my opinion. It’s a perfect blend of high intensity cardio and weight lifting. How does it compare to others?

There is not a clear winner here. All 3 of the workout programs above are excellent choices. I would pick whichever suites my goal to begin with. Many of the Beachbody workouts make for excellent mash-ups where you mix in workouts from different programs.

  • Want to get lean and strong? Mash-up LIIFT4 and Insanity
  • What to Build Muscle and get leaner without losing it? Mash-up LIIFT4 and Body Beast.

There no right or wrong way to do that, but for me I like to complete one program at a time. Others find the mash-up fun and effective.

LIIFT4 Sample Workout Video

This video below is a perfect overview of what you can expect from the program. If you are not sure you are ready to get into this program give this workout a try. You can play it from here and follow the workout to see if its something you would enjoy.

What’s the bottom line? Does it work?

Like any workout program, the results you get are directly related to how consistent you are and the effort you put into it. That said, LIIFT4 is a fantastic program that is as fun to follow as it is to stick with. The workouts and nutrition plan are effective and will transform your body and overall fitness within the 8-week schedule.

If you are looking to burn fat, get fit and make a difference in the way you look and feel, LIIFT4 is the best beach body workout available today. You can’t go wrong here.

Feel free to read other LIIFT4 reviews. However, If you are on the fence, I have a link to a 7-day Beach Body on Demand free trial so that you can checkout the service.

Click here to access the 7-Day free trial and get lean and strong today. Best of luck to you and please be sure to leave a comment below especially about what you think about the program good or bad. Everyone would like to know your opinion as well.

The Bottom Line
  • 86%
    Price - 86%
  • 90%
    Quality - 90%
  • 87%
    Program Content - 87%
  • 95%
    Effectiveness - 95%


LIIFT4 is a very well developed program with a no nonsense approach to getting fit and healthy for the long run. The workouts are intense but are a welcome refreshment to the stale stuff that has become the norm in workout programs over the last few years. LIIFT4 will take you where you want to go whether you are trying to lose some body fat or build muscle. This program will do it both and is perfect mix of high intensity cardio and resistance training that won't leave you tapped out. But it will leave you energized and looking for more.

4 thoughts on “2020 LIIFT4 Reviews. All the benefits are detailed here.”

  1. I liked how thorough your review was. I just completed 8 weeks of LIIFT4. I’m 46 years old, mom of 2. I had ACL surgery January 14th. Prior to that I’ve been using Beach Body products for years (P90X and P90X3). We finished our workout room in our basement that consists of a homemade ceiling hung pull up bar, workout flooring, mats, a TV with the Amazon streaming system so we can access our Beach Body on Demand (love, by the way), dumbbells, bands, rollers. When I first started the program I was really weak with zero muscle definition in the injured leg and glutei. Initially I used my brace, but after a few weeks I had the brace off. Combined with the PT I was doing, I was able to see leaps in my ability to function and walk. It also made me feel so much better mentally/emotionally. What sold this program for me is that I was able to perform the exercises with modifications. I also like how he always has someone demonstrating the modifications. I still use bands hooked to the pull up bar for lunges, but otherwise I finished the 8 weeks up without much in the way of assists. Today I slightly jogged the soccer runs. Does the program work? Yes. Is it for everyone of any fitness level or capability? Yes. Stronger and more defined? Yes. Good recovery workouts? Yes. Until I have fully recovered I’ll be using LIIFT4.

  2. I just finished day 1 today after trying 80 Day Obsession (10 days in). 80 DO was not for me but I am so pumped with Liift4. It is just what I’ve been looking for. I am a 65 year old woman who has been working out for a year and am ready to take on the challenge of getting firmer and losing a few pounds (weigh 125 now, 5’2″). Joel is easy to follow and is a straight forward instructor. The Cardio (Hiit) wasn’t that bad and I was able to keep up. Thank you Beachbody for this program.

    1. I’m glad to hear about your great progress. Thanks for sharing, I know readers will be happy to hear your progress too! I really like Joel’s personality. He is one of my favorite BBOD trainers.

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