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Metabolic Aftershock Reviews are wrong in 2020 – find out why

I have read all of the Metabolic Aftershock reviews out there and have found none of them to go into actual detail of what the program is, how it works and how you can benefit from it.

If you are looking to shed a few pounds or reset your fitness foundation and want to take things to a new level without sacrifice, then this might be for you.

I get into the nitty-gritty details of the Metabolic Aftershock program and take you right into the member’s area with a first hand look at everything this fat loss program can or can’t deliver. My review is the real deal. Unlike others, I have the program, I’ve worked through the program and my goal is to steer you straight to help you decide if this is the right thing for you.

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Who is Dr. Jade Teta?

Before we get too far into my Metabolic Aftershock review, let’s talk about the creator and author of Metabolic Aftershock: Dr. Jade Teta (Jade). He has an interesting background to say the least. He is a lifelong fitness junky, personal trainer and Doctor of Natural Medicine.

Jade’s interest in Natural Medicine was driven by his desire to understand how the body‘s metabolism works and how it effects overall health. His studies changed the way he saw the body and heDr Jade Teta observed that the metabolism doesn’t function like a calculator or formula as it is generally perceived.

Once he understood how hormones, not calories, control metabolism he began to put this knowledge to use with his clients as a personal trainer.

Understanding that all people have different metabolic expressions and physiological composition made a world of difference in his personal training practice.

He was able to increase client success rates from 30% to 80% or more and has poured his knowledge and experience into this workout program in an effort to make getting into shape easy.

Who Published The Workout?

It’s important to know that whatever you buy comes from a legitimate source; so I’ve taken a bit of time to look into the publisher. The program is published by the Natural Health Sherpa, LLC. (listed by the BBB). They have recently been rebranded as Metabolic Living.

The company is a small business dedicated to natural health diets and home workouts. They’ve published all of Jade Teta’s programs among others and have no negative associated reviews or commentary about the company that I could find.The Natural Health Sherpa

This is a pretty good score from my perspective, but there are a couple of complaints about up-sells or not being able to opt-out of purchases.

There are indeed up-sells, but you are given the option to decline and get only the main program if you choose.  It’s worth noting that the upsells are not necessary.

They are nice additions, but don’t fee pressured to buy if prompted. The main course is more than enough. The product is also backed by a 100% refund guarantee.

I found my experience to be seamless and hassle free. I went far enough to reach out to customer service through their chat channel and received prompt response from their agent. Phone support is available as well and someone will answer the phone.

What is Metabolic Aftershock?

This is a home workout program created by Dr. Jade Teta with a focus on efficiency to help accelerate metabolism for long  term fat loss. Unlike most programs, the workouts are designed to scale to the individual.

The workouts you will do differ from traditional high-intensity workouts with what Jade calls intelligent, rest based, exercise. The exercise routines (called metabolic cycles or intelligent metabolic workouts) are about putting out your maximum effort in the shortest time while adjusting to your fitness level. This approach triggers the right amount of stimulus to burn fat well after the workout has ended.

Can it be done at home or in the gym?

The workouts can be done at a gym, but there is no need to. The nice part about this workout is that only a small space is needed such as a spot in front of any device you want to stream from (a phone, laptop, dvd etc). I found that all you need is just enough room to stretch out on the floor.

Also, since there is no need for equipment, set-up is very quick. Just pop in the DVD or stream from your device and go. I don’t want to over simplify things, but it really is that simple. This is a big time and money saver from my point of view.

This program will help you avoid the additional expense of monthly gym fees and the need to purchase equipment of any sort.

Who is it for?

The course is in a sweet spot where the workouts are great for anyone of any fitness level. I will say though that people who are already at a high fitness level won’t benefit as much as someone who is new to working out.

The workouts are designed to be efficient and safe for anyone and feature modified exercises to give you the option of doing something different if you cannot do the main exercise.

People of all ages and both men and women will find the workouts to be effective at increasing metabolism for greater fat loss and overall fitness.

The low time commitment makes completing the program easier than demanding 5-6 day workouts advertised today. The  three 15 minute workouts per week makes it perfect for anyone who is short on time.

What’s Included in Metabolic Aftershock?

This is a complete program and has everything you need from beginning to the end of your 9 week fitness journey. I’ve detailed what‘s included below and ordered the items top to bottom of where the workout starts.

  1. Quick Start Guide: This is a one-page cheat sheet the gives a short overview of the 3 workout phases and how they work. I found a good use of this guide was to print a copy and keep it posted somewhere as a visible reminder.
  2. Intro video: This video goes into specifics of how rest based training and the associated exercises work to boost your metabolism.
  3. Online member’s area: Start here and take a couple of minutes to familiarize yourself. This is your hub where you will find quick access to everything you need (workouts, supporting videos, and guides).
  4. The Main Program Guide: Download this and read it. There is an enormous wealth of information that is crucial to success. I devoured the information. Not only was it fun to read, it was highly educational.
  5. The Diet Plan: This is part of the main guide and not a stand alone book. It’s very important to give this a read through. You can’t out train a poor diet. I’ve tried and failed. I would have never got into shape without healthy eating habits.
  6. Aftershock Results Tracker: This sheet is used to track your results over time and to set a baseline of your overall fitness level before you begin. This is a vital piece of success and I go into detail a little later below.
  7. Online videos: There are 9 videos that are part of 3 workout phases. The videos are short (15 minutes), easy to follow and fun.

The user login will take you into the member’s area where you will find everything you need to complete the program. I’ve taken some screenshots of the member’s area to give you a bird’s eye view from the inside.

metabolic afterhock table of contents

The course layout

The User Panel is set-up to take you from beginning to the end. You start with an assessment of your current fitness condition by going through a few short tests. The purpose of these tests is to set a baseline for the weeks to come and are crucial making progress.

The assessments are easy to do and literally take a few minutes to set-up. They make managing your goals far easier than just going along for the ride. Skip these at your own peril.

The Metabolic Assessment

  1. Take the SHMEC check. You will take a look at your sleep, hunger, mood, energy and cravings with this. It’s pretty subjective, but I liked recording this information since it gave me a sense of improvement over time.
  2. The Vitality test. The main guide tells you that this is probably the most important assessment and I agree. The aim is to measure where you are from an overall health and wellness standpoint. This test is one that will show how you are transforming over time.
  3. The Body Shape Test. Although the Vitality Test is most important, body shape is what comes to mind when I think about a fitness program. Here you will take measurements of your body to track progress over the next 9 weeks.
  4. Metabolic Assessment. This is one is pretty straight forward in that it shows how well you are burning fat as opposed to sugar and carbs.
  5. Record your weight. This is another one that we look for when following a diet or fitness program. There is a lot to gain from losing the mental baggage that comes along with being overweight or just not feeling good about yourself. Losing weight really plays into that and why its so important to track.

Tip 1: I made sure to measure and track progress all on the same day each week. At the same time, after using the rest room and without clothes. I know this seems silly, but you would be surprised by how much the scale tips against you with the weight of clothes and water. You can be carrying around 3 or more pounds in clothes and pee. Get rid of it!

Tip 2: Buy a cheap set of fat measuring calipers. Losing weight is one thing, but you want to measure how lean you are as well. Tracking your body fat percentage lets you know exactly how much fat you are losing week to week.

Tip 3: Tip: As an added piece of motivation snap a picture at the end of each week before logging your progress. Compare the pics each week to see changes in your body. I’ve always found this practice to be strong motivation to keep on going.

The Metabolic Aftershock Workout Phases

The program is broken into three phases each lasting 3 weeks. The phases are meant to be followed in order as part of reprogramming your metabolism to its most effective fat burning state. Think of each 3 week phase as building blocks to upgrading your metabolic efficiency.

Let’s take a look a closer look at each of the 3 week blocks.

Metabolic Aftershock phase 1 videos

Phase 1 (Create the Spark)

The first phase focuses on setting a foundation that you will build upon over the next 2 phases. The purpose is to wake-up your sleepy metabolism and set the stage for lean muscle toning and fat loss.

The 3 workouts in this phase will make sure you become used to the exercises and movements. This is important so that you have good balance and form when doing the tougher workouts in Phase 2 and 3. These exercise will challenge you differently than other types and work specifically on balance and strength.

Phase 2 (Light the fire)

You will move into phase 2 as soon as you’ve worked through the first part of the program. Phase 2 is where the pace begins to pick-up in what is referred to getting your “metabolic smoke signals“ ignited. The workouts still last the same amount of time but the focus is on toning, shaping and tightening all of your major muscle groups.

Phase 3 (Fan the flames)

The pace picks up and the exercises build on the foundation from phases 1 and 2. At this point your metabolism will have become more efficient at burning fat than where you started 6 weeks ago.

The exercises are much more explosive in this phase and the repetitions are less static than before. You will be moving from the floor to standing as part of individual exercises. If you’ve ever done burpees or jump-tucks you will have an idea of the level of intensity to expect.

If you are following the mantra of “better is better“ by resting when you need to and exercises when you can get the most out of each rep safely, you should be in a pretty good position to see progress on fat loss.

The metabolic diet

No workout program would be complete without a diet plan. I prefer to think of these as healthy eating habits as opposed to a diet. After all, we should be eating healthy every day.

The plan outlined in the guide is very straight forward and simple to follow. There is no calorie counting or carb watching. That doesn’t mean to eat everything you want though.

I find the plan to be very easy to stick to mainly because its not complicated. Three meals per day, no snacking, breakfast should be mostly shakes and eat foods from the healthy foods list provided.

metabolic aftershock diet

A day of metabolic meals would look like this:

Breakfast: A blended Shake. If you aren’t into shakes another option would be something like eggs (any style), ham, sausage, or bacon and a side of fruit.

Lunch and Dinner: Roll your own by picking a protein, vegetable and a fat from the food list provided.

It’s that simple. A couple of tips when following this plan:

  1. Buy your shake ingredients in bulk
  2. Keep spices in the pantry. Garlic powder, Kosher Salt and black pepper make a great base for almost anything. Mix equal parts and store in a plastic container to use later
  3. Pick your proteins and freeze them. Don’t let them sit in the refrigerator to prevent them from spoiling.
  4. Bake your proteins and steam your veggies and make enough for 2-3 days of lunch and dinner. Baking allows you to make meals in bulk, saves time and makes clean-up easy.

What I like about Metabolic Aftershock

  1. Number one for me is the simplicity of the program. I found the workouts to be straight forward and effective.
  2. I am a big fan of the main guidebook. This is an absolute must read because it outlines everything in plain language to help you succeed.
  3. The no calorie counting and healthy eating principles make it easy to stay on track when it comes to nutrition.
  4. The member’s area is friendly and easy to navigate. It feels familiar from the time you first log in. Also the downloadable workout videos, ability to stream to your laptop or mobile device or use the DVDs make it a snap to workout anywhere.
  5. Short and effective workouts. You pace yourself through these. Workout as hard as you can (without killing yourself) and rest when you need to.
  6. Low cost investment. There are no monthly subscriptions, no need for a gym and no equipment required. This makes it easy to just fire-up the workout of the day and just go. 15 minutes later you will be done.

What I don’t like about Metabolic Aftershock

  1. The diet guide lacks recipes outside of shakes. Some of us who are not cooking inclined might want some recipes to guide us along. The lack of recipes is not a deal killer by a long shot though.
  2. Videos seem slow-paced at first. You might be taken off-guard in your first round since the workouts seem a bit slow. There is purpose behind this though since phase 1 is designed to build the discipline of working out without destroying yourself. The intensity will increase as you progress and become more acclimated to the rest based workout approach.

How will you benefit from the Metabolic Aftershock workout?

  1. Low investment cost. The program is a cost effective solution for anyone looking to burn some fat, and keep it off, at a price that is significantly lower than most other programs.
  2. Low time commitment. The workouts last 15 minutes, 3 days per week. Most other programs require a 5 to 6 day commitment with workouts lasting up to an hour or more.
  3. Super simple diet. I noted that about that the diet plan lacks recipes but its not a deal breaker. The layout of the plan make it easy to follow. Just stick to what’s on the food list and you will be good to go.
  4. Improved fat burning potential. The rest based exercises followed throughout Phase 1, 2 and 3 turn on your metabolism to fat burning all day long.
  5. You will look and feel younger without having to punish yourself with complicated diets and overly long workouts.

Customer Testimonials

You won’t find the before and after testimonials on the official Metabolic Aftershock website consisting of  people who have gone through multiple guided/coached rounds to achieve their fitness goals.

I see many testimonials for other fitness programs showing fitness models and personal trainers passing off their looks as results to potential buyers. There are certainly best-case scenarios out there. Heck, I’ve followed other programs and I’ve experienced fantastic results from sticking to a program.

The point is, the testimonials and metabolic aftershock reviews on the official website look sincere and are far from extreme. I believe this is important since it represents more real world results. Not the results from some control group.

What can it be compared to (Focus T25, Insanity Max 30, 10 minute trainer)

Some people ask me if there are other comparable workouts. There are 3 Beach Body workouts that come to mind: focus T25, Insanity Max 30 and 10 minute trainer. Each of these workout programs are designed to be done at home, have short workouts and don’t need a gym (some equipment is optional).

Focus T25 has modifier exercises, but does require bands, light dumb bells, or a chin-up bar for maximum results. The workouts are 25 minutes long with a 5 minute cool down at the end (30 minutes total). T25 is longer at 12 weeks and the schedule will have you working out 6 days per weeks as opposed to 3.

Insanity Max 30 is probably the closest in comparison since it is somewhat rest based. The reality is that you give it 100% until you Max Out and effectively quit the workout when you can’t go any longer. This is a bit much for all but the hardcore.

10 Minute trainer. I honestly can’t say much about this. It’s one of my least favorite workouts on the market. I don’t know if I just don’t jive with Tony Horton or if the program is just too bland.

All of these programs are a complete package. They are good enough to try at some point, but for anyone getting started Aftershock is the best fitness primer you can find out there. None of the programs above have downloadable content, DvDs, and the ability to stream without a subscription (all beach body programs now require subscription).

Workout ProgramMetabolic AftershockInsanity Max 30Focus T25
Base Price$37 (one time)$99/yr.$99/yr.
Subscription Required?NoYesYes
Workout Duration15 min
3 Days/Wk
9 Weeks
30 min
6 Days/Wk
12 Weeks
25 min
6 Days/Wk
12 Weeks
Subscription required?NoYesYes
Fat loss effectiveness454
Easy to follow534
Exercise ModifiersYesNoYes
Stream (Laptop/Phone)YesYesYes
Age GroupAllAsk a doctorAsk a doctor
Money Back Guarantee90/day30/day30/day
User Rating85%78%80%

My overall experience

I thought the 9 week program was fun to and easy to follow. The workouts were never a chore and fun to do. 3 days per week is something that even the most time depleted person can follow through to the end.

Even though I am in pretty solid shape fitness-wise, the rest based exercise practice was challenging in phases 2 and 3. I have read a couple of other reviews where it was said that the workouts were not that intense. They don’t have to be. They just need to be better. As Dr. Teta says in the guide book: “better is better“.

Intensity is something that comes with the workouts as get stronger and more fit. Rest when you need to. Workout when you can. You will get to a point where you go non-stop for the duration of each workout. In the end you will spend more time working out than resting. The pace at which the exercises are performed is up to you.

The idea is to work out as long as you can while performing the exercises as best as you can.

The Bottom Line

I hope that you’ve my Metabolic Aftershock review. The benefits of improving your metabolism efficiency for long term fat loss means that you will get leaner, more toned, and look and feel stronger in short time.

If you are looking for a workout program that is as easy to follow as it is to stick to, this is an easy pick.

If you want to buy Metabolic Aftershock, the only place to get it is from their website. The program is often discounted and is a steal at any price. Click my link below to take advantage of any available discount.

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The Bottom Line
  • 100%
    Price - 100%
  • 80%
    Quality - 80%
  • 80%
    Effectiveness - 80%
  • 80%
    Program Content - 80%


Metabolic Aftershock Review: The workouts are effective and easy to follow and the simple healthy eating plan will keep your waistline in check. The price of $37 buck is light on your wallet not to mention is lower than comparable programs that cost twice as much. The user panel has everything you need in one central place to get your metabolism humming along for long term fat loss. Click the links and check it out now.

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