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What Are The Back To Life System Stretches? Do They Erase Back Pain?

The Back To Life System stretches are gentle, low-impact exercises incorporated into a home back pain treatment system.

The stretches are part of Emily Lark’s program, the Back To Life System, that claims to ease pain in the back. So what exactly are these stretches? Can they work for you? Is it worth it, or should you look for another way? Since nothing works for everyone, I’d like to help you answer those questions for yourself.

What Are The Back To Life System Stretches?

The Back To Life stretches are part of the program designed to loosen, strengthen, and condition your muscles. This can help to “erase” pain that’s caused by chronically tense muscles.

You may be thinking about the stretches that athletes do before a game or workout. That’s not what this is about. These stretches are totally different. What you’ll find here is more akin to the stretches and moves that you would find in a good yoga session. Pretty much anyone can do them, even people who’ve never exercised.

Three main videos precisely explain and demonstrate the stretches in the three levels of the program. You begin at level one, where you’ll find the most gentle and most comfortable stretches. But easy doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time. You should get some pain relief at this level. Your muscles will also be getting ready for level two.

The idea is to start on one, then go on to level two when you feel comfortable enough to progress. There is no pressure like you would find in an intense cardio workout. You move on at your own pace.

It’s important to know that these stretches aren’t a permanent cure for any kind of pain. You’ll have to make doing these stretches a part of your life. Morning is the best time, but a few stretches in the evening may help you get a better night’s sleep.

The Level 1 Stretches

Before any actual physical activity, Lark explains how the coming stretches work. She describes how the stretches work to release lactic acid from achy muscles. You have to drink plenty of water to flush this toxin out of your body as you do this program.

This level consists of a 10-minute routine. It’s an excellent introduction to the following two levels, but it stands on its own as a great stretching session. In fact, Lark recommends that everyone make this stretch a part of their daily routine.

Level 2 - Stretch Example

It’s simple enough that you’ll probably be able to remember it so you can do it anywhere and anytime, so you won’t need your phone or computer to do it. That’s great for people who work outside the home. If you have an extra 10 minutes and a chair, you can squeeze in a pain-relieving stretching session.

This level teaches you how to sit in good posture and how to time your movements with your breathing. This is good for conditioning your muscles, and it is fantastic for reducing stress.

Understand that there is a strong connection between the body and the mind. When your mind is under stress, your muscles get tense. This short routine aims to lower stress levels and relax the muscles, beginning with the core.

Anyone who can sit in a chair can do this routine. Lark is careful to point out that you should only move on to level two when you feel you can. There’s no rush, and several different variations are presented in case you can’t do the stretches as Lark demonstrates them.

Level 2

In this level, you move off of the chair and onto the floor. This routine is as gentle as Level 1 stretches; it is designed to condition just about every muscle in your body.

You start on the floor, on your back and with your knees slightly bent. You match your breathing to the movements you’ll be doing with Lark as you progress through the short routine.

level 1 - Stretching Examples

Learning how to relax your muscles is just as important as learning how to stretch them. This is the key to long-lasting pain relief caused by tense muscles.

Anyone who can do the level 1 stretches should be able to do these. You can even use a belt to help you bend your knees if you need to. These kinds of variations are present throughout all of the routines.

This inclusiveness makes it possible for everyone to benefit from the program, even those with low mobility. Kudos to Emily Lark for designing her course so that almost anyone can participate.

Level 3

The vast majority of folks who start this program can progress to the third and final level. There are a few who aren’t able to get this far. That’s OK. You don’t have to do all the levels to see decreases in pain and stiffness.

Those who do make it to level 3 will see some stretches that look a lot like traditional yoga poses and movements. Everything is done on the floor, on the back, chest, and sides. There are many variations, just like in the previous two routines. But if there’s something you can’t do, you can just skip it.

Bonus Routine

What is the Back To Life 30-second stretch? I’m glad you asked. Online Back To Life System reviews are full of mentions of this one. It’s a bonus routine that doesn’t really fit into any of the three levels.

This quick stretch is meant to relieve sudden flares of lower back or sciatica pain. Think of it as a dose of Tylenol for when the pain just comes out of nowhere and hits you. Since it takes only a half of a minute to do, it can be memorized easily. And, like the other routines, there is no equipment required to do it. So you can do this short stretch anywhere and at any time.

What Is The Back To Life System?

It’s a multi-faceted program that may help relieve back pain. Upon purchase, users get access to their personal product page, where the manuals and videos can be downloaded. You can also simply go to the site to watch videos instead of downloading them. The site is simple and very user-friendly.

There are step-by-step instructions on downloading the e-books and even instructions on how to access the books once you download them.

You get the videos of those three 10 to 15-minute stretches, plus an extra bonus stretching video. They’re pretty easy to follow, even for people who’ve never worked out with any kind of exercise program. All you really have to do is follow along with the instructor on the screen.

It’s not all about stretches. The program actually has several different angles. They’re designed to complement each other.

The interesting thing is the nutritional program. You wouldn’t think that dieting would be a part of pain treatment. But there’s evidence that nutrition plays a role in easing back pain. You won’t be restricted as much as you are encouraged to eat certain foods that allegedly support your body’s ability to block pain and help your muscles stay loose.

back to life system hard copy
The program comes in hard copy and digital. I find the digital convenient because it can be viewed on all devices.

Participants in the program learn how to gain good posture from the included e-book The Back To Life System Healthy Back Checklist. Any doctor will tell you that correct posture eases and prevents back pain. It isn’t as simple as standing up straight. And even your posture when you sleep affects the pain levels you feel the following day.

Good posture is a good habit to have if you have any kind of back pain, that’s for sure. It’s great that a guide to better posture is included with this system.

The program comes with instructions to treat sudden attacks of sciatica and other types of back pain. These are very useful, and they take effect very quickly. Best of all, there’s no waiting up to 30 minutes for a pill to kick in.

Much of the benefit to be had from this program comes in the Back To Life Companion manual. It demonstrates the stretches found in the videos with pictures and text instructions. It also goes into why the stretches are essential and how they work.

They throw in some fast-acting pain relief cream as a bonus. They claim that this product, with its blend of 13 topical pain relief ingredients, works on 100 percent of the people who try it. That’s possible when you consider how topical pain relievers work. But will it work well for you? Honestly, there’s only one way to find out, and that’s to try it. I wouldn’t purchase this program just for the pain cream, though.

There’s a recipe book full of healthy smoothies with natural ingredients that supposedly keep back pain at bay for smoothie lovers.

Does It Work?

The evidence has been in for many years, and it overwhelmingly shows that stretching can prevent and ease back and sciatica pain. And this program is focused on stretching. You can safely assume that the stretches you’ll find on their site will help as much as any other type of stretching. That is to say, it is effective.

The benefit is that you have a well-qualified and accredited instructor showing you how to properly do the stretches to help you the most.

Online reviews by people who’ve tried it are mostly positive. I couldn’t find very many instances of buyer’s remorse. It seems that the program genuinely reduces the pain that people feel in their backs. Some of the testimonies I’ve read alone make it worth a try, in my opinion.

Who Is Emily Lark?

Emily Lark is the nutritionist, fitness and lifestyle coach, and yoga instructor who designed the Back To Life System.

She’s been teaching exercises and coaching people on how to lead a healthy lifestyle since 2004. This compassionate lady also frequently speaks at events, encouraging people to take charge of their health naturally.

emily lark the back to life system
Emily Lark the Back to Life System creator

Who Is The Back To Life System Good For?

You should see a doctor if you don’t know what is causing your back pain. You want to be sure that the pan isn’t a symptom of something serious. If you already know what the source of your pain is, then you probably have an idea of whether or not stretching can help. If so, you really don’t have anything to lose by trying this program.

Anyone looking for a drug-free way to control back pain should consider it. The back to life system stretches are a great addition to your fitness routine.

Really, you don’t have to suffer from pain to benefit from this system. The best way to treat pain is to prevent it in the first place, and the flexibility you may gain from these stretches can surely help prevent pain.

Who Should Not Use The Program?

The stretches presented, or any stretches for that matter, will not help with pain caused by spinal injuries or abnormalities. They may help with the lingering discomfort and stiffness after a back injury has healed, but not for pain caused by acute injury.

Think about any health problems you may have because, back pain is sometimes aggravated by stretching. Keep that in mind before starting any program. Always check with your doctor to be sure it’s ok for you.

The Takeaway

Emily LarK’s Back To Life System is a drug-free program that uses gentle stretches and optimal nutrition to ease pain from sciatica and other back pain. Just about anyone can do it, including people of advanced age and injuries.

If you’re looking for a natural way to ease back pain, I recommend that you give it a try.

I’ve covered a lot about the Back to Life stretches here. Let me know if there is something else you would like covered. I am glad to help with that. Please, ask me in the comments below.

Almost everyone, regardless of age or mobility, can lead a more active life with less pain if they follow the simple stretches and movements showcased by Emily Lark in this program. Check out the Back To Life System Stretches here to erase your back pain once and for all.

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